Top 6 Countries with the Most Employment Benefits for Working Parents/Pregnant Women

Not all nations create equal opportunities for fostering a balance between family, work and leisure. You would be surprised to learn that most Western nations lag behind when it comes to providing employment benefits. For example, unlike a majority of the European nations, the United States does not mandate paid holidays or maternity leave for their employees. Inevitably, such countries have some of the most overworked employees in the world. Based on statistics, here are some of the best countries to work in.

1. Germany

According to surveys from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), German parents earn less than the average life earnings of similar employees in other countries. Despite this shortcoming, Germany is still one of the few countries with the most employment benefits for working parents, especially because their employees only work for approximately 28 hours in a week. Those extra hours can translate into creating a healthier balance between work and life.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the nations in the world that makes it easier for working mothers to raise their children. New mothers get maternity leave of up to 410 days, 45 of which are taken in preparation for the child’s birth. In addition, they get monthly compensations at 90 per cent of their income. Even better, both parents may receive paid parental leave for a second year, at a specified salary.

3. Brazil

Brazil offers the highest-paying vacation days in the world. The country allows for 41 paid days of vacation for full-time employees whereas most countries only give a maximum of 30 days off. Moreover, 30 of these vacation days can be taken at the worker’s leisure, while the rest act as paid public holidays. Hence, working in Brazil can give you a lot of free time with your family.

4. France

As a result of the massive strikes in 2010, France now has strong policies in support of employment benefits with regard to pension funds and vacation days. These policy reforms have ensured that the employees work nearly 16 hours less each month, in comparison to other nations. They also give a total of 40 paid vacation days, 10 of which cater for any public holiday.

5. Finland

Only a small fraction of Finnish workers spend more than 40 hours working each week. This statistic signifies a healthy balance between employment and personal life. Additionally, Finland mandates a total of 40 days off in a year, including 30 days that can be taken according to the employee’s preferences.

6. Norway

Norway is well known for offering generous parental leave to its employees. Working parents can get up to 50 weeks off with full income, 9 and 12 weeks of which are reserved for the mother and father respectively. The remaining weeks are then distributed between them according to their terms.

Believe it or not, a country’s employment benefits are highly dependent on a number of economic factors. Regardless of any possible variations in income, choose to work in a country that has your best interests at heart.


Image Source: Glamour