Top 6 Employers in the Netherlands in 2016

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Holland is famous for many things: for its amazing northern renaissance artists, its invention of the modern banking system, tulips, tall people, bicycles, the largest commercial port of Europe and Amsterdam. Its coast lays on the Northern Sea on the west coast of the European continent with temperate weather.

So, why wouldn’t you like to move to the Netherlands and work for these top employers?

1. Royal Dutch Shell

royal dutch shellBloomberg

Royal Dutch Shell deals exclusively in oil and natural gas production and has recently expanded into alternative energy such as wind turbine generated electricity. It’s worth a staggering 195.4 billion and employs almost 100,000 people globally. According to employee reviews on glassdoor it’s a great place to work, with nice benefits, salaries and schedule flexibility.

2. ING Group

ing buildingwikipedia

Of course, a bank was going to be on this list since the modern model of banking was (arguably) started in the small European country. ING Group is a 58.9 billion dollar company with a workforce of almost seventy thousand people. Its reviews are overall positive, with the occasional gripe about it being a very highly challenging environment…which is understandable- finance and banking generally are highly competitive but lucrative fields.

3. Unilever

unilever netherlandunilever

This global household product giant is worth 129.1 billion and employs roughly 180.000 individuals. It’s a well-known company for being people-centric, offering a good work-life balance, maternity benefits and flexible schedules that help with family obligations. Its employee reviews are shining and mention that it offers a lot of opportunities, a great work-life balance and even has telecommuting incentives. A lot of the employees also mention Unilever’s dedication to its social mission. It also has an amazing benefits package to boot!

4. Schlumberger


Another company that is in the oil and gas industry Schlumberger offers oilfield services through equipment sales, information solutions and project management. As expected the company is worth an oil-field’s worth of money, 109.8 billion dollars. It employs 120.000 people and its employees boast it as a great place to work because of its opportunities for job advancement, benefits and generous salaries. Some of the harsher criticisms mention that it isn’t the best place for work-life balance though.



Also known as the Airbus Group, EADS is an aerospace company that sells and manufactures both military and commercial aircraft. Its employees enjoy and I quote: “extremely good work-life balance”. It also offers employees an exciting and rare opportunity to work in the development and manufacturing of aerospace craft. And of course like every self-respecting company it also offers great benefits and salaries to its employees.

6. Aegon


Aegon is a holdings company dealing primarily in insurance, but also banking to a limited capacity. Smaller than most of the companies on this list Aegon only employs around 30.000 people and is worth about 17.5 billion. Its reviews are generally positive with most employees talking about growth and development being the company’s greatest aspect. Some also mention the many amenities at the company’s facilities including: various sports courts, comfortable office environment, cafeterias and a well equipped gym. Because a ripped employee is a happy employee.

Do you know of any other great employers in Holland? Let us know in the comment section below.