Top 7 Celebrities Who Live Humble Lives

Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp

Hollywood is generally considered the world capital of glitz and glamour. A city of excessive spending, unparalleled extravagance and everyone there is hawt (and even if they’re not hot, don’t worry it’s also the global capital of plastic surgery). We have seen dozens if not hundreds of starlets crash and burn because of their excessive lifestyles that involved drugs, clubbing and exotic pets such as Flemish Giant Rabbits. And as everyone knows cocaine and giant rabbits are guaranteed to end even the most respected career. There are a few celebrities though that even considering their wealth forgo the temptations of Giant Rabbits and Cocaine to lead the simple life of an everyday person (despite having bank accounts that would make any capitalist blush).

1. David Grohl


The ex-drummer of Nirvana and founder-frontman of the Foo-Fighters gets the top spot on my list because honestly he’s arguably the coolest cat in the industry. Even though he could’ve used the tragic name and legacy of the late Kurt Cobain to further his career he instead respected his friend’s memory and created a career on his own envious talents and merits.

Although this talented musician is worth an admirable 225 million and has a huge house in L.A. with an in-house recording studio, he lives a very moderate life. The reason for this is according to him he doesn’t have anything to fall back on, due to his lack of education (he doesn’t have a high school diploma). Well, Mr. Grohl, I think 225 million makes for a pretty bomb-proof backup plan. Also just keep making music (pleeeease).

2. Leonardo DiCaprio


As if you needed another reason to like the acting titan that is Leonardo Di Caprio, and granted he owns a teensy weensy island off of the coast of Belize, if you were to check his garage (with permission otherwise your friendly visit would end with a warm-hearted tasing) you would only find a single car that happens to be a humble yet environmentally friendly Toyota Prius. Di Caprio is also one of the few A-List celebrities that don’t have their own private jet.

Although he’s worth about 200 million at the moment he says he prefers to be frugal with his spending and use that money to do good for other people, children and the environment. Up to now I’m two for two for the people I’d like to buy a beer.

3. Tyra Banks


For all my non-American readers when you call someone “crunchy” it means they’re a hippie. Although I’m no linguist (as indicated by the use of the previous phrase) but I assume this is a result of hippies being called “granola” (muesli) which is crunchy. Back to Tyra though she is said to be almost creepily frugal. She takes hotel shampoos and soaps and stockpiles them to use at home and her mom went on record once to say she caught the statuesque TV producer and host picking meat off of chicken wings that had been left over from a party with friends to use in an omelet the next day. Even though I’m going to assume that Tyra has so much money she could probably genetically modify bison-like animals and get real Buffalo wings.


4. Zooey Deschanel


Look we are talking about celebrities here, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. I realize that for a majority of people what most of these celebrities spend even “frugally” can be an annual salary of the working class. But what can you do? We pay them so much because they’re pretty. And please don’t attack me this wasn’t targeted toward Deschanel or anyone on this list it’s just a general umbrella statement.

Ms. Deschanel is worth a respectable 3.9 million dollars yet only spends around $22.550 a month which is meager compared to some other A-Lister’s monthly millions. OK 22 and half thousand dollars a month is a ridiculous amount of money for someone of the working class…ok, maybe my statement was a little targeted.

5. Jennifer Lawrence


Known for her down to earth girl next door personality Lawrence also pretty much lives like one even though she is one of the most recognizable Hollywood starlets at the moment. She has no assistant (but she does have a bodyguard), she does all here own shopping and has admitted to feeling bad for paying four dollars for valet parking.

It is even said that she still lives in the first apartment she rented when she moved to L.A. which is probably relatively modest. She even still uses coupons. OK, Jennifer we get it you’re a wholesome Texan girl…

6. Jay Leno


Although he has a fleet of classic cars, some of which are priceless museum quality pieces, comedy man Leno says that he saves every single penny of his Tonight Show salary and he and his wife live off the income that he makes from his stand-up comedy routines. Which considering his car collection has to be a pretty chunk of change. He and his wife live in a modest home, and he allegedly has short-changed mechanics that you have to take with a grain of salt, everyone wants to attack and have a piece of celebrities. 

7. Sarah Jessica Parker


Unlike her on-screen character from Sex in the City, Parker can definitely live without high fashion and expensive shoes. She is extremely guarded with her finances due to growing up in a family that had serious financial issues.

Ultimately the reason many of these aforementioned celebrities are frugal even though most of them are multi-millionaires is because they grew up in families with or had their own financial difficulties. Others realize that superfluous spending when so many people are struggling is uncouth and unjust. For whatever reason though I think we can all admire someone that doesn’t bathe in champagne and gold flakes compared to someone that does while using 100 dollar bills as toilet paper.

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