Top 8 Career Taboos

As part of the unofficial and yet unwritten protocol of internet writers I must inform you what a taboo is, even if you are fully aware of what the definition is. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary a taboo is something that is banned on the grounds of morality or taste. Good thing you stumbled upon this article because you both lack taste and morality so, hopefully this guide to top 10 career taboos will help you from offending, insulting and disrespecting the people that have to tolerate you at work.

1. P.D.A.

No, this has nothing to do with a personal digital assistant (what is this 1997?), but with public displays of affection, which means hanky panky out in the open. Sure, it can be awkward when you slobber all over your lover amidst a lobby full of co-workers, but it can get even worse if your lover happens to be a co-worker. Although office trysts are commonplace in the workplace, 36% of men and women have had an affair with a co-worker according to, boning at while on the clock is probably the apex workplace taboo.

2. Stealing From The Fridge

Sure, your workplace is generous and friendly environment but once you start pillaging food from the office fridge like a balding raccoon in business casual, you are crossing the line.

3. Glug Glug

Taking a little nip after work is more common than…well, something that is really common. I’m sorry it’s the end of the day and I also had a bit of “grandpas cough medicine” before writing this.

4. Intellectual Theft

So, you’ve taken someone’s lava cake from the fridge, but an even more serious infraction is claiming someone’s hard work as your own…on the other hand stealing lava cake is pretty serious too. It’s like warm chocolate wrapped in chocolate cake wrapped in an angel’s fart; if I was a lesser man I’d beat you with a Snickers candy-bar.

5. Lying

pinocchio businessman

Whatever form it may take, dishonesty in the workplace can even land you on the unemployment line faster than a CEO can pay him/herself a bonus for the unprecedented successful trip they took to Barbados.

6. Napping

Unless you work for Google or live in Japan napping is a sign of laziness and insubordination…and no, you are still not growing at least not vertically, so there’s no excuse.

7. Talking Smack/Under the Bus Throwing

Being defamatory towards a co-worker or a supervisor is again something that constitutes bad taste, and in some cases can even hurt the targeted person’s credibility. It doesn’t matter if Matt took your lava cake (karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?) you cannot start a rumor that Matt embezzled 30 million dollars from his previous employer…Oh, he did? Well, I really don’t know what to do with that then…

8. Being A Bigot

Although this is probably generally a good rule, bigotry is disgusting, uncalled for and ignorant as hell. It doesn’t mean that if one cucumber was bitter all cucumbers are bitter, inedible, phallic products, too because of that single bad experience you had. Keep that hate to yourself.

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Is there anything else you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.




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