Top 8 Hootsuite Features That Can Automate Your Social Media Campaign

Are you still using stock social media apps for your Twitter or Facebook posts?

Maybe it’s time for a change.

There are several social media management platforms that can help you automate your online marketing campaign. These programs have powerful features that go beyond posting and tagging. Furthermore, you don’t need a whole team to use such platforms. Since everything is automated, you can take the time to setup the entire campaign on your own, which can save you money.

Out of all the social media management platforms out in the market today, Hootsuite offers a complete solution for heavy social media users and small businesses. The information below highlights the top 8 features of the program and how you can use it for your social media needs.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hootsuite

If you’re posting to Twitter, a URL shortener will help cut down your tweet to 140 characters (ideally tweets should be less than 120 characters to leave room for retweets). It also allows you to get stats on the number of people who clicked on your link. Hootsuite’s URL shortener is built into the message field, making it easy to shorten your URLs while you’re posting.

Scheduling posts is one of Hootsuite’s most used features. While it’s always best practice to manually post to social networks, using scheduling is helpful for posting updates outside of office hours, especially if you have fans and followers in different time zones.

Available on Pro accounts, creating custom URL parameters is similar to using Google’s URL Builder. Custom URL parameters can let you track analytics on specific URLs for your campaigns. This allows you to track which messages are sending traffic to your site.

Streams are searches that let you monitor what’s going on in your social networks. For example, you can set up streams for your scheduled posts, Twitter mentions, direct messages and Facebook newsfeed. Streams can also be used to monitor mentions of your brand name, your competitors, hashtags and relevant keywords.

To create a stream, choose Add Stream at the top of your home feed stream. In the popup window, choose which type of stream you want to create, enter in your keywords if necessary, and click Create Stream. Once your streams are set up you can drag them in any order you wish.

Hootsuite comes with an app that you can use for your mobile or tablet. The features are more or less the same as what you would get on the web platform. Now you can automate a week’s worth of social posts during dinner, before going to sleep or while waiting for a meeting to start.

Hootsuite shares analytics from one dashboard. You can see how many clicks your tweets got in the last 24 hours, week or month. You can also see which influencers and friends are sharing your tweets and how often. Additionally, you can view your site’s Google Analytics and your Facebook page insights.

Hootlet is a browser plugin that adds a button to your bookmark toolbar and lets you share content from anywhere on the web. This means that you don’t even need to go to the website when you find something worth posting. Installation is as easy as dragging the button to the bookmark toolbar.

Hootsuite is designed to be customized. If you aren’t using a specific function, you can immediately remove it from your dashboard. Furthermore, you can have different dashboards for different social networks. Customization is great for small screens. If you have a dedicated screen for your social campaign, Hootsuite can keep you focused by removing extra features that can be distracting.

To conclude, Hootsuite can help you run your social media campaign more efficiently. For additional references, it is worth looking into online tutorials and guides. Lastly, don’t forget to take the time to setup your dashboard.

Which Hootsuite features are you using for your social media campaign? Let us know what you think.




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