Top 8 Weirdest eBay Listings

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It’s a fact. You can buy anything from the eBay. The famous e-commerce platform allows consumers from all over the world to buy anything they need, from food to clothes and electronics, with just a few clicks! Apart from these usual items though, there have been some other weirder eBay listings including a yacht, an airplane and other items that cannot be physically held. How is that possible?

If you want to know why, check out the world’s weirdest eBay listings: 

#1 Christmas leftovers

Dan Allam decided to put his leftover Christmas sprouts up for sale on eBay just for fun, but was pretty surprised by the response. After he posted a photo of the sprouts, he began getting messages from up to 800 potential buyers who were interested in making the purchase. Despite the fact that Allam thought he was only going to raise a pound, he ended up selling the sprouts at the price of £99.99 which he donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

#2 Toasted cheese with an image of the Virgin Mary

One of the most popular and weirdest eBay items that have been listed on eBay is a piece of a partially-eaten grilled cheese toasty that had the image of the Virgin Mary on it. Since it was quite an unusual thing to sell on eBay, news of the incident went viral and got more than 1.6 million hits. While the starting bid was already high to start with at $99 (for a piece of bread), bidders surpassed that amount up to the winning bid of $28,000!

#3 iMac computer cage

Would you believe me if I told you a handmade iMac computer cage was put up for auction? If you have a hamster and you love Apple products, then this rodent cage could have been useful to you. This cage was made from the shell of an older iMac model, minus the wires inside it, and even had a keyboard and a mouse. The guy who created this definitely gets ten points for creativity!

#4 A single cornflake

In 2008, the McIntire sisters of Virginia put a single cornflake up for auction and managed to sell it for the incredible price of $1.350! What was quite unusual for this piece of cornflake cereal is that it was shaped like the state of Illinois. The buyer, Monty Kerr, bought this item so that he could exhibit it as part of his travelling museum of pop culture. Weird or what?

#5 Water

But not just any water: Elvis Presley’s water. Elvis fan Wade Jones put up three tablespoons of water on eBay from a glass that was used by Presley 38 years back during a 1977 concert. After he drank from glass, he gave it to Jones who kept it in his freezer until 1985 and sold the water for $455.

#6 A sports car

You may ask why selling a car on eBay is weird considering that a yacht had been previously sold. Well, for this particular item, it’s not the product that’s weird but the price it was sold for. In 2005, Tim Shaw made the tragic mistake to admit to pin-up girl Jodie Marsh he would leave his wife and two kids for her live on the radio. When his wife Hayley heard him, she decided to put up his favorite Lotus Esprit Turbo on eBay in the ‘Buy It Now’ section. The car of course was sold immediately, and the buyer only got it for 50p. Poor guy?

#7 A ghost


Martin Fawcett put a ghost up for auction. As unusual as this sounds, he said that the buyer would get the ghost delivered in a glass jar and that he would donate the money for a good cause. He even suggested that the potential buyer could give him a name, although he occasionally responded to Casper with giggles. Before anyone could make the purchase, eBay removed the auction because it did not allow the sale of intangible items and was against the website’s policies.

#8 A lifetime

Now this is strange. In 2008, Ian Usher put the most valuable thing he owned up for auction, which is no other than his own life. As weird as it sounds, he offered an introduction to his friends and a two-week trial offer for his job, and decided to include his house, car, motorcycle, and jet-ski in the auction. Usher said he had done it in an attempt to ‘see where life takes him’. When the auction was completed, his life was sold for $384,000!

After going through this list of the top eight weirdest eBay items, you can’t help but wonder what these people were thinking when they were putting these products up for sale. Perhaps the weirdest thing is that those who originally enlisted these products on eBay actually thought that they could be sold. Nevertheless, bidders showed interest and eventually bought them, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Have you heard of any other ridiculously strange products that were put on eBay? Let us know in the comments section below…