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One of the fastest growing sectors for recruitment is the technology industry which is currently booming in terms of recruiting some of the most talented individuals. The surge in this particular sector is having a ripple effect on a global scale with cities all over the world snapping up candidates. Professionals or strong candidates with great tech skills aren’t living in one particular part of the world according to LinkedIn which has recently polled 300 million of its users from 52 cities to find out where the best tech talent are flocking to. The following cities are the top ten destinations for candidates with first class tech skills this year so far:



These cities are the go to capitals of the world if you’re trying to track down some of the best candidates with excellent tech skills, or at least these are the cities that LinkedIn’s 300 million users with tech skills are gravitating to. The results show that Bangalore has the largest concentration (44%) of individuals who have tech skills closely followed by another city in India, Pune which is home to 43% of LinkedIn members with tech orientated skill sets. The cities of Melbourne, Gurgaon and Sydney have the lowest percentage of technological talented individuals. One of the most surprising results is the San Francisco Bay Area otherwise known as Silicon Valley where some of the world’s leading tech companies like Google and Facebook have taken up residency.

According to LinkedIn’s results this area only has 31% of individuals with tech-based skill sets. Other results of this poll has revealed that skills in IT Infrastructure and Systems Management are the most popular amongst its surveyors with Java Script Development and Web Programming also being amongst the skills the poll’s surveyors possessed. There is an emerging trend for IT skills especially web development and CSS which indicates that digital skills are in high demand. What this poll has also managed to highlight is that candidates who do have the right skills when it comes to the technology sector aren’t just living in the same cities that the largest tech companies are situated. Countries like India are where recruiters are more likely to find candidates with some of the best tech skills.

Jobs like web development are amongst the most advertised occupations this year many companies are showing that they are now embracing digital and online technology with jobs like augmented reality development offering $115,000 - $130,000 salaries. Some tech jobs are at the forefront of technological development and you could even refer to them as the contemporary occupations in the tech industry. These jobs are creating a demand for skills that are unique to the tech sector itself, so if you are thinking about making a career change, you may want to consider brushing up on your own tech skills or better yet, think about moving to one of the top ten cities in the world to join candidates that already have these skills under their belts.




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