Top Mobile Messaging Services for Millennials

As a smartphone generation, millennials (17- to 31-year-olds) increasingly value the speed of communication offered by messaging apps, as 7 in 10 say they use instant messaging apps because they are quicker than SMS or social media.

The GlobalWebIndex, which runs the world’s largest market research study on the digital consumer, has created this infographic which illustrates the most popular messaging apps used by millennials.

Here are some highlights:

- Millennials are the smartphone generation: 84 percent of this age group own a smartphone, with many of them using them to watch videos, social network, and shop online.

- Facebook remains the top social network (35 percent), but active usage rates among Millennials is falling.

- The majority of these users are turning to smaller platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, or chat apps like WhatsApp or WeChat.

- Apps like WhatsApp do particularly well in fast-growth countries.

- Despite creating buzz, Snapchat is still in the lowest tier (8 percent) of the top mobile messaging apps for millennials. However, it captures a significant market share in Ireland (25 percent of millennials use it) as well as the UK and the US (20 percent).

Check out this infographic to get the whole picture regarding the most popular mobile messaging services among millennials.