Top Questions to Ask in an Interview

It is important that you prepare interview questions to ensure the interviewee is given the opportunity to express their relevant experience, skills, and personal attributes they believe will qualify them as a good candidate for the job.

There are a range of ‘commonly asked’ interview questions that you can ask, however it is important to ask tailored questions that are closely related to the job vacancy and your company. You may choose to use a number of standardized questions for each interviewee to assess how well each candidate answers the questions, although it is important to ask questions that reflect what the candidate is saying. For example, if the candidate is talking about a particular work experience that is related to your vacancy, you should question them further on the subject until you are satisfied with the response.

Below are some useful interview questions to ask during an interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself...
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. What value can you add to this department/company?
  4. How could you contribute to the future growth of this firm?
  5. What are your most memorable career highlights?
  6. What would you change about your career?
  7. Tell me 3 of your weaknesses.
  8. Tell me 3 of your main strengths.
  9. What motivates you?
  10. What causes you to get stressed?
  11. How do you handle tough negotiations? Can you provide an example?
  12. Do you consider yourself a team player or a leader?
  13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  14. What type of people do you like to work with?
  15. What is the most difficult thing you have had to do professionally?
  16. Why are you leaving your current employment?
  17. How do you adapt to change?
  18. How would you handle conflict within your department?
  19. How do you stay current with industry developments?
  20. What do you consider to be the most important factor when applying for a new job.