Top Ten Drop-outs That Changed The World


Endless shots, keg stands, parties and drugs. No, I am not talking about L.A. debutantes’ extravagances; I’m talking about the prestigious academic institution of college. Most people find themselves and what alcohol can do to said self in college. These ten guys didn’t need bathtubs worth of jager to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives though. Not only did they drop out of college, but they kind of changed the world in the process.

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1. John Lennon

The creative tour de force behind the Beatles and perpetual round glasses wearer John Lennon was a college dropout. He didn’t even drop out of normal college, he dropped out of art school. Normally that would relegate most to a life of a coffee slinging barista but not Mr. Ono Lennon (yes he added Yoko Ono’s last name to his). He was an activist, artist and his music changed and still influences the music of today. So don’t be snooty to your barista he might write a scathing song about you titled: “The Venti Frappuccino Lovin’ Yuppy”   

 2. Mark Zuckerberg

Did you know that if you’re a college drop-out you might get a movie made of your life? It might even feature one of the guys from N-Sync in it and he’ll be acting not singing (trust me it’s a good thing)! It helps of course if you drop-out of college and create one of the biggest social media websites in history.   

3. Bill Gates

There was a dark drab time in recent history when there was no YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Computers just did these weird things called calculations and everything needed to be type in commands. Then a champion of the people, a lord amongst men, made computers work by clicking tiny little pictures of folders, discs and trashcans.  Yes, the ominous all-seeing overlord of computing, Bill Gates dropped out of college to create Microsoft. Now, if he chose to, he could turn around and buy Harvard and use the President and the Dean to pull a sled like huskies. He instead prefers to spend is Scrooge McDuck like fortunes on charity.

4. Thomas Edison

If you like to sit on your couch with a huge bowl of popcorn balancing on your beer belly and secretly marathon-watch Bridget Jones Diary then you should thank this man. Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera, the phonograph and the light-bulb. My question is what popped up over his head when he invented the light bulb? A flaming torch? An oil lamp? I digress, the man that gave us light, sound and what resulted in movies about neurotic women, had only three months of education. Oh he also founded a company you might have heard of called General Electric.

 5. The Wright Brothers

If anything, the Wright Brothers have changed the way we see bandanna wearing bicycle mechanics. These middle American brothers created the first powered flying contraption called an aero-plane.  They also pioneered the three axis controls still used on planes today. Although not very prolific in the Cock-pit joke aren,a the Wright Brothers did set the up the foundations for modern aviation.

 6. F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you aspire to write a novel that will be adapted to a gaudy Hollywood movie then you might not need a formal education.  F. Scott Fitzgerald showed a propensity for the written word at a very early age and continued this passion for sequential language into Princeton. Unfortunately most colleges demand you follow this redundant thing called course-work to graduate. You understand how difficult that is when you’re trying to become one of America’s greatest authors. 

7. John Mackey

Canonized and sainted by every vegan, hippie and anti-GMO paranoid across the world, John Mackey was one of the first proponents of organic food. Creator of Wholefoods, an international chain of supermarkets that sells only organic and natural foods he dropped out of college to start it. With just $45,000 in funding he took the world by a patchouli smelling storm and today makes $1 a year. You read that right, the man that basically invented the organic food movement cut his own salary to $1 a year because at this point in his life he can work for the joy of working and not money. Godd*mn hippies.

 8. Walt Disney

Closeted racist and creator of childhood dreams Walt Disney dropped-out of high school to fight in World War I only to be rejected because of his age. He ended up creating animation for television ads that evolved into cartoons that led to Disney films. Balancing images of a sweet dancing marionette and the abject horror when said marionette sprouts hooves for hands and painfully morphs in a donkey. 

 9. James Cameron

The man with the consistency of an over-simulated Chihuahua created the most masculine movie of the 80’s and the least masculine movie of the 90’s. He also does deep-sea exploration on the side just to make sure that you have no idea in which way his career’s going to go next. His one year college career was as predictable too. He started in physics, switched to English and then quit all together. This inconsistency paid off though because it resulted in him directing two of the biggest box office hits of all time. One was about a romantic love story taking place during mass tragedy (Titanic) and the other was Pocahontas where the Native American’s were blue aliens (Avatar). At least his heart will go on (if you got that reference you probably also have that song stuck in your head now too, you welcome *evil laugh*).   

 10. Coco Chanel

Establisher of the little black dress, a synonymous with elegance and class, Chanel is another graduate of the school of ‘yeah, I’d prefer to make butt-loads of money’.  Her career spans decades and the brand she established that carries her name still lives on. So next time you go out and see 90% of the woman at the club in black thank Coco.

Do you know any other drop-out millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires? Are you a disgustingly rich college drop-out? Well then lets us know in the comment section below.