Top Ten Jobs for People Interested in Manufacturing

Top Ten Jobs for People Interested in Manufacturing

A job in the ‘manufacturing industry’ is one of the most promising ones you can think of. Many job seekers are interested in this sector because manufacturing is one of the few businesses where you can showcase all your skills and creativity. There is no end to how much you can grow in the manufacturing sector.  

But manufacturing can mean a lot of things. If you are interested in this industry, then here are ten different manufacturing categories you can consider.

1.      Manufacturing in Engineering  

Engineers in the manufacturing sector earn better salaries than other professionals. They are responsible for maintaining, designing and repairing machineries and systems. Today, manufacturing firms make use of integrated systems, machineries and equipment to finish production.

If you want to take up a manufacturing engineer’s career, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in industrial, manufacturing or mechanical engineering. Prior experience in the field of manufacturing and the skill to direct large-scale projects can help aspirants.           

2.      Manufacturing in Food and Beverages

As food and beverages are must-have commodities for human life, manufacturing in food and beverages are ever popular. You can choose any product from the range of food and beverages available including fruits, meats, grains, vegetables and root crops. These products are mostly supplied to hotels while poultry items can be sold as wholesale or retail. This industry also includes brewing of beer and the making of other alcoholic beverages. Quality assurance of food and beverage products manufactured in the company is another job category.

3.   Automobile manufacturing

The public and private usage of transportation and the overall importance of automobile are obvious facts. Automobile manufacturing also includes manufacturing of vehicles and their parts and also the infrastructure supporting the production.

Individuals wanting to take up a career in automobile manufacturing must have an affinity for advanced mathematics. An automotive shop in high school, advanced mathematics subject or a physics course may be required for this field.

4.      Manufacturing in the chemical industry

This is another popular job in the manufacturing industry. It refers to businesses and companies that manufacture industrial chemicals. These chemicals are used in different products like soaps, plastics and in different processes like agriculture, manufacturing and construction. People taking up manufacturing jobs in the chemical industry must know that this job isn‘t a health-friendly one.

5.     Metal Manufacturing industry


If you have been looking for a job in the manufacturing industry, metal manufacturing offers a lot of opportunities. This is one job that requires a lot of skills and technical expertise. You may have to work with metals, a number of individual parts, assembly-ready parts and large-scale structures. You may be contributing for making large ships or constructing bridges and other forms of infrastructures like automobile parts or delicate jewelry and ornaments.

6.      Manufacturing in the technology sector

The bond between human life and technology is at its strongest state today that it has ever been. With new gadgets and electronics coming up, the demand for technology is least likely to go down. There are several options if you want to take up a career that involves manufacturing of technology. From small gadgets to big machines, manufacturing of technical products require technical skills, ability to pay attention to details and creativity.

7.      Clothing and Textile

Manufacturing of clothing and textile is yet another option that will never lose its color. The job involves producing cloth, fibers and upholstery and converting them into fashionable apparels. Depending on the category of job, you may have to operate small equipment to large industrial machineries and sometimes even use handwork.     

8.      Plastics and petroleum manufacturing

This job involves the process of converting crude oil, coal and chemicals into useful products like rubber, paints and resins. Plastic technology and petroleum engineering have a long and promising career, if you are looking to get into this manufacturing sector. These products are being used everywhere today and a position in this field is usually a high-paying option.

9.      Manufacturing of wood

Production of wood includes making floors, housing, laminating and sawing. The job requires a lot of creativity, attention to details and some interest in art work. Apart from the manufacturing business, there are lots of job opportunities for people who love to work with wood products.

10.   Paper Manufacturing

If you get into the paper manufacturing world, you may be working in a paper mill or a recovery plant that produces corrugated board and paper. You will be typically working for forty hours a week on shift basis including nights and weekends. There are quite a lot of jobs in the paper manufacturing industry and you will do well if you have good communication skills, practical skills, concentration and team working skills.

As you see, most of the products stated above are must-have products for daily living. Therefore, if you can secure a job in one of these manufacturing industries, you will have very little to worry about your future.