Top Tips for Making Your Bar More Successful

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If you want your bar to be really successful you have to be proactive, and use the best techniques available to you! Make sure you follow these tips!

Making your mark in the restaurant and bar industry is no small feat, and if you’re looking for ways to put your bar a cut above the rest, it’s a constant battle. Beyond securing all of the essential bar supplies and coming up with delicious drinks that set you apart from the competition, there are so many aspects that factors that contribute to a bar's success. Keep these tips in mind and implement the strategies that suit your needs best.

1. Expand your offerings

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Is anything more important than offering the right products? If your bar currently only offers wine and beer, you’re missing out on lucrative sales. Competition can make it tough to secure a full general on sale liquor license, but it’s worth the investment for most bars. If you’ve found it impossible to source a full alcohol permit on your own, consider hiring a company that can do it for you. Even if your theme is wine and beer, you can still offer a few things outside of this to cater to all customer tastes.

2. Well-trained staff

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In virtually every industry, nothing can make or break a business better than the staff on your roster. Hire friendly, amicable, and skilled bartenders that can create relationships with customers to ensure repeat business. Also, be sure to provide the appropriate training. Losing inventory on inaccurate pouring is a sure fire way to reduce profits. Take the time with each hire to determine the right pours, whether it be for beer or a signature cocktail. This will help you control costs, and if you find your workers need a little extra help remaining consistent with their pours, use jiggers and measured pourers to make it easier. This helps prevent spillage as well, which can further protect inventory.

3. Consider upselling

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In any sales sector, it’s important to upsell your customers. Train your staff to offer customers a bit more than they originally intended on purchasing. This might mean offering themed snacks along with a special drink, top shelf alcohol selections, or “limited edition” drinks, like holiday specials that incorporate the flavors of the season. Much of your upselling will be on the shoulders of your staff, so make sure they understand the way they can create an improved sale.

4. Host events

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Try out a few different event ideas and see what’s most popular with your customers. Look at the data, and determine which times are best for your bar. If you’re situated in a business-saturated neighborhood, your top selling time might be right after 5 or 6 o clock. Perhaps you’re close to a stadium—offer specials and showings of the big game for those who can’t get inside the venue to watch.

5. The right point of sale system

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Point of Sale (POS) systems are essential for bars in the modern world. POS systems are designed to help businesses organize their orders and record transactions, and can make it easier for your varied staff to pick up where a sale was left, even when the bar is packed. It will also allow you to determine your best and most lucrative employees, as managers and administrators can look at the breakdown of sales done by each employee. There are a variety of these systems available, so do your research and find out which makes the most sense for your bar.

Keeping your bar profitable means implementing the aforementioned strategies and constantly evolving to fit your customers’ desires. Keep these tips in mind and improve your bottom line.

Do you have a bar? How many of the tips mentioned above do you use? Do you find them effective? Let us know in the comments below...