Top Wearable Devices To Improve Our Lives

Wearable computing devices are flaring up ambition and creativity in the IT industry and are continuously catching end users’ attention. This is an impressive future where technology firms are taking the risk to introduce the forthcoming trend. The issue is: can they come up with a good combination of design and purpose? Listed below are interesting gadgets for enthusiasts to watch out for.

ORB (Orbital Ring Bluetooth)

Hybra Advanced Technology, in partnership with AbsolutelyNew, developed the multipurpose ring. The ORB is a ring and a wireless Bluetooth headset at the same time. The ring vibrates and displays incoming calls. To accept calls, you simply twist it open and place it in your ear. Basically, push the cancel button if you want to reject calls while it is still on your finger. Other features include text messages and calendar reminders in an E-Ink display (this requires low power consumption). Gemstones can be embedded into the ring as an option.

Google Glass

Also identified as Project Glass, the 50-gram eyewear was developed by Google and made it available to the public just last January. With the capability of a hands-free smart phone, the Glass is controlled either by a touchpad or a voice command and communicates to the internet with Wi-Fi. It has a 5 MP camera and records with 720p high definition video which can be shared directly to the social media. The Glass shows great potential for surveillance in medical operations and identifying criminals. The software, MyGlass, is absolutely compatible with IOS and Android applications.                                                                                                                             

MP3 Sunglasses (Oakley Thump 2)

Recognized as the world’s first digital music eyewear, Oakley Thump 2 can store up to 240 songs with its 1GB maximum flash memory. The digital music sunglass can play up to six hours. It comes with rechargeable lithium-ion battery and works well with Windows and MAC OS computers. The Thump is capable to play songs with AAC, WAV, MP3 and WMA formats. It connects through a USB cable.

Nike+ FuelBand

If you are focused on staying fit, then this is for you. Launched early in 2012 in the U.S., the Nike+ FuelBand is a wristband that tracks the number of steps you’ve taken and measures the amount of calories you’ve burned. It is converted to Nike+ Fuel points that can be shared with the web community. This helps in setting goals and sharing current progress with your friends. The software Nike+ Connect is compatible with an Apple iPhone or an iPad.

Withings Pulse

Sold at $99.98, this high-tech fitness tracker calculates the movement, exercise, diet and sleep routines with a built-in heart rate monitor. Tap your finger behind the device and the result is displayed on the screen. You can strap it to your wrist, slump in your pocket or attach it in your waist. The Pulse connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and works particularly with IOS and Android mobile devices. The battery lasts up to two weeks depending on the usage. Charging time is approximately less than an hour.

Disposable Nail Watch (Timex TX54)

The international brand Timex tied up with Core77 for a global competition in celebration of their 150 year in the business. One of the runners up, the TX54 presents a disposable transparent timepiece that is wearable on any of the thumbnails. This is functional for those who do not want to wear wrist watches. Although this is not yet accessible in the market, the watch’s minimalist appeal indeed might be the future of time.

Definitely, wearable technology will be integrated into our lives in the coming years with functionality as its specific objective. Feel free to judge.