How to Transition From Office Wear to Night Wear

Looking forward to going out on a date after work sure seems to make the day go by faster. It does present some problems, though. Should you run home first and change, or just deal with having to show up on a date in your wrinkled work clothes? Actually, you don’t really have to do either one. With some planning and simple outfit adjustments, you can show up ready to go. No, this doesn’t include having to change in the bathroom.

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1. Cardigans Are Your Friend

Work-appropriate attire requires a slightly more demure look, even if it’s only to deal with frigid air conditioning temperatures. That can work in your favor, if you’d like to sport something a little sexier for the evening. A slinky top won’t look too fancy for work if you pair it with a nice cardigan and some ballet flats. Once you’re done at the office, you can ditch the cardigan, do whatever primping you’d like and head off.

2. Pantsuit? No Problem

If you work somewhere where you have to wear a suit, making it work for a night out can seem a bit more challenging – but it’s really not. Instead of wearing your typical plain shirts, make sure to wear a pretty patterned one. It’ll pop under your blazer, and it’s a perfect option for a night out. Switch out your pumps for strappy sandals, and add a statement necklace. Dress slacks aren’t just for work – the right combination makes them perfect for an evening out as well.

3. Take Advantage of Casual Friday


In summer, no one would be surprised to see you in the office with shorts. If you have a date night, shorts can be a fun, easy alternative to break out for casual Friday. Since right now, you can wear those with some flats and a simple top. Skip the pantyhose or leggings, pack a clutch in your regular purse and switch over to sandals once work is over. Add some dangly earrings and touch up your makeup if you wear it. That’s it! You’re date-night ready in under five minutes.

Shorts are one thing, but you should be causal on casual Friday. That means jeans. They’re everyone’s top choice, and true, you might want to be a bit careful about what the plans are for the evening, but this is one option for which you can dress up easily. A pair of boot-cuts with ballet flats and a flowy top are great for work. For date night, just roll up the cuffs, toss on a pair of stilettoes and pick your hair up off your shoulders.

4. One-Piece Options

Pro tip – it’s always easier to change accessories and makeup than the whole outfit. Dresses are almost always work appropriate, and they’re easy to turn into a date-night outfit on the fly. Maxi dresses are great for work, especially for if you already tend to wear them. A nice pair of flats and a blazer makes this not only work-appropriate, but also incredibly comfortable. Once quitting time rolls around, let your hair down, trade up for some pumps and let your shoulders feel the sun.

But maxis aren’t your only one-piece options. Rompers are also back in style. These are also really easy to take from day to night with only a few changes. Rompers for work are likely to need a bit more coverage, so sleeves or long pants might be a good starting place. Then you can drop the sweater, cinch a small belt around your waist and trade your flats for some heels. Goodbye work, hello cocktails!

5. Accessorize

This is probably the absolute simplest way to go from work to evening. The right accessories can take any work outfit from drab to fab in just minutes. Start small and just wear a simple work outfit. Nice pants and a plain shirt are really all you need. Then, when it’s time to head out, slap on a statement necklace, add your favorite ear cuff and toss on some bangles. Switch your lipstick from pink to red, trade your purse for a clutch and you’re off to the chicest lounge in town.

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That’s it! Those are five ways you can transition your professional office wear into a great night-time look!




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