Try These Jobs for Full Job Security

When it comes to determining one’s career path, there are several considerations that every person should take. Usually, careers are viewed as something long-term rather than temporary and so careful deliberation is required before deciding on a career path.

The common considerations that each person may have would include interests, logistics, salary and more. However, at the end of the day, job security is one of the most important things that every person would consider.  

Job Security and Stability

Being able to chase one’s dream and finding work that you love is of great importance. But every person needs stability. A person will age and need to settle sometime in the future so it is of great importance that their chosen career is for life. Some jobs offer more security than others and any list may include the following.


The health industry in general is one of the most secure industries for job seekers as it is a public necessity. Nurses in particular take up a large portion of the health and medical profession. Their work is not only limited to hospitals but they can also work in small clinics, doctors’ offices and even in private homes where their services are needed.

It is estimated that the demand for nurses will grow faster in 2016 so this will provide more work opportunities for everyone. Registered nurses will have to take a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing as well as pass a board licensure exam.


Infrastructure, power plants, chemicals, robots, computers and so much more will require the expertise of engineers. In every bit of technology that the world sees, an engineer is always part of the team working behind it. There are even environmental engineers who are looking for solutions on global environmental problems.

There are so many fields in engineering that people can choose from. Each of these fields are equally important. The best thing about engineering is that people can actually choose a certain field of interest. Bachelor’s Degree courses are available with varying length depending on the field chosen.


No matter how advanced the world gets, there will always be a need for teachers. More than a decade of a person’s life is spent on education and could even extend after college through a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree.

Usually, public school teachers must be licensed and higher education teachers are normally required to have at least a Master’s Degree and in many cases a Doctorate. There are certain teaching posts that do not require a Master’s Degree though so that allows more people to explore this career path.

Information Technology

The demand for information technology has been growing in the past few years and is expected to keep growing. IT jobs like software development, computer systems design and web development will continue to be in demand as new technologies and innovations are being developed to cater to the needs of the market.

Skilled and Manual Trades

Not every job that will offer job security will be an office based one. Skilled trade workers will continue to be in demand regardless of how advanced the world has become. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters are needed for both residential and commercial industries.

The key to finding which jobs will offer the most job security is anticipating the need of such professions in the market. Usually it is the necessary professions that will offer the most security. So if you desire full job security, you may want to consider working in these areas.


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