Tupac was a Ballerina?!

Tupac was a Ballerina?!

Rap is a music genre that tells stories of humble beginnings and the struggle to prevail. As you listen to the genius rhymes and rythms of these rappers, you feel like you are really getting to know them. You feel like you know their story, their struggle, what they have been through. Their ups and downs. However, there are some experiences these rappers have kept to themselves! Young rappers full of ambition for wealth and success had to start somewhere. These current day superstars did what was necessary to put food on their plates, back when their future success was all but a dream.

The following slides may surprise you and maybe even inspire you - you never know. Whether it was Red lobster to Young Money or Gap to Louis Vuitton, these rappers all started somewhere. All of these rappers spit out lyrics about their tough upbringing and gangster lifestyle - evidently some are pushing it a bit. Unless by "hussling" they mean hussling across the stage in their ballet performance of the Nutcracker. Wait, what? Yeah, Tupac. Slide on.

The main message here is all you fast food workers, shelf stockers, assembly line workers, restaraunt servers, you can be  successful one day too. Don't give up hope, or think you aren't gangster enough! 

It is amazing how us humans evolve, and if these guys can go from one extreme to the other then anything is possible! The sky is our limit. Pick up the phone now and start making some calls to shape your future - hey, you never know, Mike Jones might have built that very phone you are speaking on (ok that's a little far fetched but you know what i'm getting at).

1. Tupac Shakur

Tupac’s performance career began when his family relocated from Harlem to Baltimore. This is where he attended The Baltimore School for the Performing Arts, and studied dance, music and acting. The young Shakur appeared as a ballet dancing Rat King in the Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker.

2. Mike Jones

After leaving school prematurely, Jones worked briefly at a fast food restaurant before landing a job as a phone assembly line operator.

3. Rick Ross

Apparently Rick Ross became a corrections officer after his number one Homey was sent to prison for cocaine and heroin trafficking. Mr Ross felt he needed to "wash his hands". and settle down.

4. Kanye West

Kanye worked as a retail assistant for "The Gap". Seems that Louis Vuitton’s guest designer had humble beginnings selling white tees and khaki pants. He even rapped about his Gap days, in the song ’Spaceship’ on his debut album.

5. Nicki Minaj

Red lobster was the venue for this superstars early employment. While working as a waitress at the seafood chain, she confesses she was less than polite..She did however bring home over $500 a week which afforded her a new BMW at the time.

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