How to Turn Networking into a Business

You’re a master schmoozer (A.K.A. a flatterer, people person) your skills have been acknowledged from very early on when you would sweet talk your kindergarten classmates into giving you their juice. Did you know you can use those skills to not only make a living but also to help other people make money too? Here’s a list of professions that need a good dollop of inter-personal skills (A.K.A. networking skills of schmoozing).

Social Media

Who thought your social media addiction would actually pay off. Facebook is valued at a not-so-lean 50 billion dollars. So you won’t be making that amount of money but you can definitely find a niche to fill. Social Media managers (the people that write and promote companies on social media) can make up to 50.000 dollars a year. Of course, you could go full Zuckerberg and create your own social media website like WAYN (Where Are You Now, a website dedicated to connecting travellers) that managed to gather 5.5 million during their second round of funding. If you think ‘likes’ boost your ego, see what money can do. You’ll be a comb-overed megalomaniac in no time!

Talent Agent/ Art dealer

If your thing is to deal with temperamental, finicky and neurotic creatives all day then this is the job for you! There are a few steps that you have to take before being a full blown talent agent or art dealer but you’ll still have to deal with brilliant but off balanced people. Once you’re introduced to the market, via a job or internship, you can start finding the talent you’d like to represent and the buyers you think will like it. It’s like setting up you’re an attractive single friend with a wealthy co-worker. Why didn’t you set yourself up with that co-worker? Because the median salary for an art dealer can surpass 40.000 dollars a year.

PR (Public Relations)

You will be the face of the company: an unending line of hands will be shaked and thousands of dollars will be spent on hand sanitizer. Not only that but you’ll be the bridge between the company, investors, the public and the media. So get those vocal cords nice and limber as they’ll be making you 105.000 dollars a year. Who knew schmoozing could be so profitable.

You’ve been Lawyered

So being a Lawyer isn’t exactly a job based in networking. It is necessary to possess highly developed social skills though. Although networking isn’t a necessity to Legalwork, it is extremely beneficial especially if you choose to work independently. You can network yourself for about 125.000 dollars a year and that’s if you stay within legal bounds. If you’re a bit crooked you might actually be a millionaire your first year out. Crime doesn’t pay but laundering money does.

Business Development Manager

Your job is to create more Business for your company. How do you do that you ask? Why with networking my dear Watson! From pursuing new business opportunities to cold calling, your networking skills will be flexed to their breaking point, but if you don’t splinter into a million pieces you can actually earn up to 90.000 dollars a year plus commission. 

Are you a walking, talking networking machine? What kind of work do you do? Has networking helped you achieve your work-related goals. We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.




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