Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Dreamers Versus Doers

We’ve all heard the cheesy phrase that pertains to dreamers versus "doers." The dreamers are the fools that hearken on who they are and what they want to be; whereas the "doers" are the spirits filled with action and heroics. One is enchanted by the possible world outside of NOW -- the other feels it is necessary to reshape, EACH DAY, the world in one’s own image. Or something like that. Either way, what’s really important is the nature of how we think about ourselves and the rest of the world.

What shapes and creates our realities is our thoughts. So to consider that the dreamers and doers are different personalities is just illusion -- it’s the way in which the human brain can differentiate between various types of people. Thinking about how we want our lives to be is equally important as acting on what drives us. In fact, thinking is a form of action that sometimes can be more beneficial than acting without it.

Thinking about what you want is imperative if anything is to be gained. Nothing can manifest into our realities without some way of attracting it. Even the bad shit that comes into our lives has been purposely brought thereby our shitty ways of thinking. It then becomes easy to see who is really honest with oneself and who is not.

And maybe some people don’t care enough about their lives or themselves or the world around them in order to clearly define -- for themselves -- their own livable dreams. Or maybe there are non-believers who deny that their dreams could be lived in their lifetime. In essence, this is the way our brains and decisions can hinder what is possible. Because we have more control over our lives than what we have been led to believe. Whichever dissonance ruptures or destroys our beliefs, some of us resort to getting in our own way. We do not allow for good things to happen nor do we accept that our dreams can become our reality.

Nothing holds the human being back more than his or herself. Trapped within their own chains, there are a plethora of people that stunt their own growth, keeping safe to routines and clinging to their security blankets much like an infant. The world is headed in the direction it is going because of our inabilities to adapt. We must let go of the past, if we are ever to have any hope of achieving something new for our futures. And the biggest challenge comes from within.

So how does one change?

Changing Our Realities

There are many ways. Of course, some of the instances of change can be from rude awakenings for which we were unprepared. And then there are others, in this world, who seek change, on their own terms. To say nothing of the way in which that type of change could alter our immediate realities, it is the most lasting on the soul and spirit. Because being in control of one’s own life and destiny is the epitome of living in a free society.

We will be forcibly realizing, as the years and catastrophes continue, that freedom is not handed down to us on silver platters. Rather it is earned. We must intently work for our freedoms, as little or paradoxical as they might seem. The nature of reality on this planet is that much of our lives have been, and will be, defined by our thoughts. If we cannot adjust to what is happening around us, then we will probably find it difficult to dream. We might even consider that our lives are not free.

And whatever we think of ourselves and our lives will ultimately become truth. Because the individual is the infinite creator of life.

If we want to broaden our scope and outlook, then that is on us. Nobody is going to fall down from sky to bring humanity closer together, leading us to an Utopian era of freedom, peace and enlightenment. To be sure, that can only come about from us, with thinking of it. The action of livable peace is possible, as anything is. The planet represents a living organism which responds to our actions as well as our thoughts. If we remain stuck, or if we believe that living out our dreams in a society which seems to feel and appear so sick and lost, then the earth will react accordingly. And our lives with follow suit.

But if we learn to shape our thoughts based upon what we want for ourselves and for those we care about, then the world will not let us down. Although it is slowly becoming more and more necessary to develop strength and resiliency in one’s own character, that doesn’t mean that the world is a hellish place where dreams are incapable of coming true.

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie of the modern world is that we are all supposed to sacrifice ourselves to the status quo, ignoring our passions and desires which our inner-beings are constantly revealing to us. Squelching who we really are in order to conform is highly asinine. Living our dreams is the only way that we can change ourselves, and thus we can battle the tyranny of the rat-race which seeks to manipulate, control and profit from our narrowly confined ways of thinking.

This Universe is infinite, and so are we. There are no limits to that which we are capable of, only there is a mental enslavement that is ominously being placed over humanity by the dreamless elements of power, control, money, and the concoction of psychosis which those ingredients form to spew out more propagandistic bullshit to keep us misinformed and confused about who we are and what we can do with our lives.

Nowhere has it ever been rightly proclaimed that we should heed the laws of our rulers in order to prosper and remain free. In fact, it is the exact opposite which is true. Those who can think for themselves, throughout the centuries, have been the brightest arbiters of a better world to come.

It is not through chaos, and neither through tyranny, that our society will grow, thrive and co-exist. It is by allowing or not allowing our dreams to become our realities that makes the world what it is and will be, long after we are gone.

Whether dreamer or doer, the only difference is in the way we adapt to our surroundings. What If we cannot adapt? Then we can change. And if we can neither adapt nor change, then we entertain the death of our souls and our planet.

Which is sort of like creating hell in a paradise.


Image Sourced: Starry Night Reality