How to Turn Your Healthy Lifestyle into a Business

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to health - those that make an effort to be healthy and those that don't. If you're one of those that truly and honestly tries to live a healthy lifestyle, you're probably in the minority. This is the reason 'health' is such big business.

So if you are in that minority, why not use your skills and passion to build a business that makes you happy, earns you a fair wage and also benefits those around you.

What are your options?

#1 Start a personal training business.

If you're a gym bunny, this is the obvious place to start. There are many jobs out there for personal trainers, and the good ones make a decent wage. If you can build a reliable and eager client base, you could be in the big bucks!

#2 Make an exercise video.

Perhaps you're more of a home gym kind of person, and you think others might be too. You could create a personal training business. There lost of them on the market, so make sure yours is different. Talk to the people in your local gym, or do some market research in your local area - find out what people want from an exercise video. It can range from no fuss, to dance crazy so make sure you find out what motivates you and tailor it to your target market.

#3 Start an exercise class.

Check your local area, do they have the classes you would want to join? If not, start your own! Have you been doing Yoga or Pilates for years? Zumba had to start somewhere and is now a global phenomenon! There's no reason your new exercise regime couldn't be just as popular. You may need to get some qualifications to teach (this is advisable even if they aren't required), to ensure you offer a safe and effective service and to keep your clients coming back for more! You can find out more information about requirements for your region by doing a quick internet search. Make sure the class you offer is grounded in real health benefits though, people like results.

Healthy eating

#4 Start a juice bar!

Are you a master with the juicer, using every fruit and vegetable going to come up with new, innovative recipes? You could start a juice bar! Are you a writer or photographer but love keeping fit and eating healthily?

Write a health and fitness book. Whichever skill you possess (both if you're lucky) you could team up with the other and create a book! These are big business, especially when they span mind and body health.

#5 Do you need to follow a strict diet for health reasons?

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free? Tell people about it. There are many more people out there like you who need these resources – you can be their supplier of info. You could do this via a blog or writing articles - if you're not a writer, get a ghost writer to share the knowledge for you. It may be a cost investment to begin with, but it could make you big bucks in the future. 

Mind and body health

#6 Become an alternative therapist

Alternative therapies are still very popular. They range from Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy to counseling services and life coaching. If you’re trained in any of these (or anything else in the alternative therapy world), you could start a practice.

People offer counseling and life coaching sessions online via Skype now – anything is possible! Remember, find a reputable source to train with – people want good quality services, and the last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands. Mind and body can be fragile, so make sure you offer the best services possible.

To save on start up costs, you could offer a mobile service where you visit your customer’s homes and carry your equipment with you. Or, try your local college; they often allow trainees to set up events or classes to practice their skills, offering clients a cheaper rate to come and visit. This gives you a chance to practice, and your clients a cheap deal! It's a win win!

Combine your skills!

#7 Get Blogging!

Last but by no means least, with any of these or other healthy lifestyle ideas, you could share your knowledge via a fitness blog. As the blog grows, you could offer advertising or do some guest blogging on other fitness sites to make some extra cash.

Final Thoughts

All of these things help us to lead a healthier life but as with any business there are a few things every new business owner must consider before starting up.

  • Be financially savvy. Be sure that what you can offer is going to make money before you jump ship from your regular job. Start out part time, or do some freelancing in your free time. You'll soon learn if there is a market for what you're offering.
  • Create a business plan. If you decide to go the whole hog and create a new product, you will need to create a business plan - if you need funding.
  • Get a USP. Remember, you will have competition – healthy living is big business, so make sure you figure out what your USP is. Be different, offer something no one else does.

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