How to Turn Your Home Office Into a Man Cave

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Building a man cave is quite easy nowadays, I mean the formula is right there. Build a giant estate or a mansion with a basement spacious enough to fit a combat jet, or set up an entire secret base inside an existing cave, why not? Erect an entire building with your initials or logo as a monument to your ego. However, unless you are planning on embezzling funds from Donald Trump, you will find that such a feat is rarely possible.

We all know how many cool offices there are in the world, and it is no wonder we would like to have a similar workspace of our own. A workspace that resonates with who we are, and is also really interesting to look at. So, since turning an entire building into a man cave is a bit more financially challenging, we resort to turning our home office into one. Of course, this project requires a bit more attention to detail, as you cannot simply throw all the stereotypical man cave items into an office, or can you? Whatever the case, I think that a home office turned into a man cave can be an amazing work environment, so I will provide you with a thorough guide on how to do so.     

1. The Basics

Let’s start with man cave necessities 101. You will need to choose a theme for your man cave, but there are some items that need to be inside your “man cave office” regardless of its theme:

  • Miniature golf course – do you know what golf stands for? Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden. Therefore, it is an activity that oozes manliness, making it an essential ingredient to your man cave project.
  • A personal achievement shrine – this is basically a decorated fireplace, but it can also be a wall full of your trophies, diplomas and certificates. It is there to revitalize your spirit when you find yourself going through a rough patch. It serves as a reminder of your greatness, that you are capable of emerging victorious, even in difficult situations.
  • Liquor cabinet – well, where else would you hold your refreshments? Additionally when a client comes into your office, it is in your best interest to leave a good impression by serving top shelf drinks during a business meeting. Lastly, this cabinet has an amazing potential to harbour a hidden passage inside your office. The fact that people fail to utilize this aspect of a liquor cabinet is truly frightening.    
  • Bookshelf – it is in your best interest to present yourself as an individual with good taste in literature. Moreover, it is another object capable of being a hidden doorway at the same time.
  • An ergonomic office chair – this is your throne, and in case you choose medieval times as your man cave theme, this chair may very well be an actual throne.
  • Big screen TV – this one is rather self-explanatory, what kind of a man cave would this be if it doesn’t have a big screen TV. Where would you watch the Olympics or any other major sporting event. Also, depending on the theme you select, you might also need a gaming console.
  • A big dog – every important place has its guardian, hell has Cerberus, churches have gargoyles, and Mordor has the Nazgul. Unfortunately, this mythically advanced security system is still unavailable in our realm of existence, thus we must settle for dogs. However, as opposed to previously mentioned guardians, dogs will also be your friend and very good wingmen occasionally.  

Now that the basics have been covered, we move to a more important step. Choosing a theme for your home office man cave.

2. The Theme

Alright, selecting a theme for your man cave should be related, in some way, to the type of business you are running. You want to do that so that it looks both professional and cool. Since it would be quite difficult to cover every profession, I’ll give you a few examples of home office man caves, and provide a corresponding business that goes well with such a design.  

  • Western – the basic idea is to decorate the walls and furniture based on the models of bars from western movies. Instead of a liquor cabinet, go for a bar with stools, and instead of golf go for a pool table. Make sure the lighting is decorated in the same manner, so lights should hang from the ceiling. This is a great design for running a business that is related to history, museums and re-enactments of particular events.
  • Log Cabin – well you’ll definitely need a fireplace for this one, and you’ll need some decorations in the form of animal trophies, a rug that resembles bear fur, and the walls should be wooden or have wallpapers that could mimic this look. Instead of miniature golf, you can have a wall with a darts board. There should be pictures of mountains and wilderness hung on the wall, and some winter equipment like skies, native American snowshoes etc. The log cabin office design is perfect for someone who organizes hunting events, mountaineering events, hiking, basically anything winter sports related.
  • Geek palace – if you are a creative writer, app developer or a scientist, then you probably have a passion for sci-fi books, movies and graphic novels. Filling your bookshelf will be quite an easy task. You should also have a gaming console (PS4 or Xbox ONE). There are comic book walls that have become quite a trend lately, so you should put that in your office as well, along with a statue or a costume of a storm trooper (like Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother”).
  • A classic study – for the academic who works as a college professor, this design is a must. You’ll need much more than a single bookshelf, since your office needs to resemble a library to a certain extent. Instead of a regular liquor cabinet, you should go with the Globe Bar model (you know the globe that opens and has a whole compartment for bottles and glasses). You should also have a working desk with a small lamp table near it.  
  • Music Studio – the walls should be decorated with electric and bass guitars, as well as old school records. A design intended for people in the music industry, or who work with sound editing etc. Lights can be placed in Tom drums to make a cool type of chandelier.
  • Gym – if you work as a personal trainer or as a gym teacher, your home office man cave should be decorated in this manner. Hang a decorative punching bag, throw in some black and white pictures of famous athletes, hang some baseball bats on the walls, different types of balls should be put in various frames as wooden furniture accessories, and that should do it.     

You can find various creative designs, just make sure they correspond with your profession and fit in with the general theme.

3. Maintenance

One thing you must never neglect, when it comes to your home office man cave, is to maintain it. After all, this is your slice of paradise and you should be extremely diligent when it comes to its upkeep. Never, and I mean never, allow someone else to do this for you, because they will mess it up. People see the most interesting room in the house, and they start to come up with their own ideas, without any understanding, or regard for the sacredness of that place. Think about it, would Da Vinci allow someone else to tweak the Mona Lisa, would Tolkien ask for a co-writer? The answer is “No”. In other words, you are not to permit someone to interfere with your masterpiece.

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Well I hope you liked these creative suggestions, and that you will have as much fun decorating your home office as I did. Building a man cave is not that hard, and it will put a lasting expression of satisfaction on your face, therefore it is an effort that will help you reap tremendous benefits.