Turning Unemployment Into a Business

Turning Unemployment Into a Business

Ok, so you have received the pink slip from your boss or have just been told that business is currently slow and you need to take a timeout for a while. Are you going to sit and worry about it or do something to change your situation? Go to the unemployment office right away and sign up for benefits, but in the meantime, here are some ways to get off the unemployment because 1) it won’t last forever and, 2) it is not enough to pay all your bills.

Use Your Skills

Are you good with social media? Do you have a Facebook page, or Twitter account? Do you have a lot of followers? Do you know how to connect socially online? If so, then you can use these skills to start a consulting business. Many companies are looking for people like you to connect with their targeted consumer base. For example, you could contact a venture capital company in your area and solicit your services to help them learn how consumers are using their services on the Internet. Believe it or not, companies are willing to pay you for your technological expertise. Once you can establish this skill, they will hire you for ongoing projects.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

There are more than one ways to market a product that you don’t own. This is called Affiliate Marketing and you don’t even need a website to be successful. You can find people who need your help to market their products or services by going to the and signing up as an Amazon associate or you can try How do you market these products? If you have a blog, then you have an advantage, but if you don’t, then you would include a link in your emails. Every time you send out an email, people will see your link. You can also post your affiliate link in forums and discussion boards. You can write articles with your link in the resource box and submit content to related websites.

Create a Blog and Monetizing It

Do you have a passion about something, devoted to it or have experience with it? You can start a blog and make money while doing something you love. Learn how to start a blog here. Of course, you will have to dedicate time to it. People who read your blog will view you as an expert and you will become the ‘go to’ person when they need such valuable content. Are you good with fashion, do you know how to raise a cat, are you good at baking cakes, are you an excellent organizer or are you a baseball fanatic? You are going to use your blog as a means to connect with your targeted audience. You will create a community of people who can relate to your passion. How will you earn? To monetize your blog, you should consider:

  •          Selling banner ads
  •          Offering copywriting and web design services
  •          Consulting or coaching services
  •          Create electronic books
  •          Run workshops, webinars and seminars
  •          Create courses
  •          Sell subscriptions

Start a Daycare Business

You don’t have to be a mother to start a daycare business, although mothers are the perfect candidates because of their extraordinary caring ways. Before you think about a daycare business, do your research on any local licensing that may be required. Check here for your state’s licensing requirement. Do you know how many mothers need your help? A community daycare service prevents moms from driving hours away to drop off their kids. Of course, there are several business skills that you will need to run a daycare such as business account management or providing basic education to the kids. However, these can be learned.


There are other ways to create an income if you are unemployed. You have to be brave enough to take the risks. The suggestions here don’t require much startup funds. It is always advised, though, that you do extensive research before starting any business. Good luck!