Tweetdeck: The Secret Weapon of the Best Tweeters

To help you make sense of your Twitter stream, you can use a Twitter management tool such as Tweetdeck.

By using Tweetdeck, you can:

  • manage your tweets easily
  • organise them according to interests
  • never miss a tweet again

 You can even keep tabs on when you are mentioned in Twitter or follow a conversation using a hashtag. 

Using TweetDeck makes Twitter a completely new experience. 

What is Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck lets you sort out your Twitter feed. You can view your tweets in a deck of columns which enables you to organise your tweets that are personally and/or professionally relevant to you. 

There are many options for your columns, for example, you could create a column for your favourites, your messages, followers or your scheduled tweets.

Examples of columns

Here are some ideas for you to consider when thinking of subjects and keywords for your columns:

  1. Your ‘feed’ (all of the tweets of the people that you follow)
  2. Mentions (a column for all the tweets that mention @you)
  3. Messages (a column for your DMs (Direct Messages)
  4. A subject (track all tweets which match your interest, for example, ’careers’)

Tweetdeck also has handy features that can make your Twitter experience much easier to manage, such as scheduling and collections.

Scheduling tweets

You might want to dedicate just a small portion of one day to your week’s tweeting. With scheduling, you can pre-type a number of tweets and then schedule those to post up to three days in advance (in the free version).


You can create collections of tweets. Add a category column and save the tweets that you would like to keep for future reference. This is a very useful feature due to the speed of a Twitter conversation, especially a Tweet Chat which can make it difficult to find a previous tweet.

There are other tools that do a similar job as Tweetdeck, for example, many people opt to use HootSuite. This is a similar platform which allows you to post updates not only to Twitter but also to Facebook, LinkedIn and various other social media spaces.

Live Tweet Chats

Twitter doesn’t get more fun then when you have a go at a live tweet chat. Using Tweetdeck, you can follow the conversation which is tagged by a hashtag.

If you want to find a tweet chat to follow, take a look at this list of live tweet chats. There’s one every day on this list - Tweet chat schedule. From #247modernmum to #allstartups and everything in between.

If you can’t find one that you like, then you can set up your own really easily and add it to the list. You just need an internet connection, enthusiasm for your interest, and an hour to spare each week.

If it’s a career related interest, this would look impressive on your CV too. You’re evidencing combining the latest technologies with your career interest. 

job search
job search

Perhaps we could start a #cablogger (Career Addict blogger) live chat once a week. Anyone to join in the discussion? 


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