Ugly Betty - Which Character Are You Most Like?

Ugly Betty - Which Character Are You Most Like?

Ugly Betty, an America drama series, is about a girl from Queens with a serious lack of dress sense. After landing a job at top fashion magazine – Mode, she is thrust into the cutthroat world of fashion as Daniel Meade’s personal assistant, where she is expected to deal with some extremely vindictive people, including the notorious Wilhelmina Slater.

Here are some of the main characters from Ugly Betty. Which character are you most like in the workplace? 

1. Amanda Sommers

You always speak your mind and are not afraid to tell someone exactly what you think of them. You can sometimes be nasty to your co-workers (unless you want something from them) and do not easily form friendships with your colleagues. Some people might describe you as a little back-stabbing, overly confident and oftentimes superficial – placing greater importance over owning the latest Louboutins and humiliating those that have no sense of style.

2. Betty Suarez

Honest, humble and passionate, you are extremely hard-working and dedicated to your job. Your honesty sometimes gets you into trouble, particularly with the more conniving members of the office. However, your kindness, playfulness, and fun-going attitude have helped you to gradually work your way up the career ladder.

3. Marc St. James

Willing to go to great measures to please the boss, you know all the office gossip and are ready to stick the knife into anybody to save your own skin. You’re absolutely devoted to your boss, you talk about people behind their backs and only have a handful of close friends in the office. However beneath the surface you’re sensitive at heart and occasionally show a sense of compassion towards others.

4. Daniel Meade

Despite being given everything on a plate in life, you are an honest, decent, hardworking individual who sometimes forgets where your priorities lie (i.e. you would rather go out and have fun than meet that all-important deadline). Nevertheless people look up to you as the person in charge, even if sometimes, you lack in confidence in your role.

5. Wilhelmina Slater

The scariest person around, you’ll stop at nothing to get what you want; even if it means taking full advantage of those around you. Most people in the office are afraid of you and you will do anything it takes to work your way to the top. Behind the steel armor there is a gentle side to you that occasionally surfaces.

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