UK Benefits From Recent Job Injections

Expanding companies liberate regions across the UK as recent reports suggest an influx of available jobs for Brits.  With the growing number of companies expanding, together with the rising number of jobs available, the levels of unemployment throughout the UK are set to drop.


Superstore Asda is set to create 12,000 new jobs over the next five years it was revealed in May this year. Asda’s president Andy Clarke says: "We are a business that is growing”. Mr Cameron said to BBC News “I am delighted that Asda is continuing to invest heavily in the UK, creating another 12,000 jobs that will give people financial security for the future."


The fast food giant KFC looks to open 150 new outlets and create no less than 6,500 in the move to expand throughout the UK and Ireland. KFC is set to announce an investment of £21m according to the Telegraph opening 32 new branches with a view to create 1,300 which would position KFC as an employer to over 25,000 Brits.


According to BBC News, online retailer Amazon expects to create more than 2,000 permanent jobs in the UK due to recent expansion. That promise was delivered as Metro confirm the monster trading company opened three new distribution centers nationwide, with a view to also recruit around 3000 seasonal Christmas workers annually.


Now established as the UK’s number 1 retailer, Tesco (search results as of this morning) offer 117 pages of various jobs in Northern Ireland alone as expansions offer residents new opportunities to work. Tesco Careers recently injected 1170 into the Irish job market with recent developments throughout the north.

Care firm

A new care firm based in Colchester is expected to create 1,350 new jobs nationwide as construction begins as part the new £170million growth plan. With the ambitious move they have already generated 870 jobs nationwide and anticipate they will provide a further 480 within the next 12 months, according to Ipswitch Star.


Siemens have also made an impact with their wind farm expansions with the creation of 340 jobs in green engineering in Manchester. According to the Telegraph, the new facility will provide engineering jobs boosting Manchester’s employment levels. The new High Voltage Grid connections is said to recruit skilled workers across all areas of the sector which may end up over the initial figure of 340 jobs.


In a recent search today Google UK offers 7 pages each with a ratio of 20 jobs per page in various areas of operations, Google is renowned internationally to provide its staff with the supreme in office luxury adding an interesting twist to quality over quantity.

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Other advancements

A new 60,000 square foot major development is in progress in Wirral’s Enterprise Zone, predicted to “help create hundreds of jobs” says Liverpool Echo.

The telegraph’s Alan Tovy states an overview: “Jobs growth between January and March rose to a 43-year high, driving down the unemployment rate to its lowest level in more than five years” confirming the arrival of new jobs in the UK sees a positive boost to the employment economy.