How to Understand Which Career Will be Best for Your Child

There is no definite way that determines what career might be best for your child. However, as a parent you are able to see what kind of strengths and interests your children are likely to develop over the course of their lives. Even from an early age you are able to identify that your child is perhaps better at working with people than working with technical equipment e.g. computers because they have excellent communication skills, or they are really enthusiastic and confident when interacting with other people.

So, if you want to identify which career might be suitable for your child, follow these 3 tips:

#1 Encourage hobbies

Encourage your children to try out as many things as possible and take on as many hobbies as they like if their daily schedule and school workload allows. This will help them become familiar with a variety of disciplines including sports, music, dance, languages, and computers and eventually decide on which area they would like to work in. Even if they decide they want to do something that doesn’t relate to their hobbies that’s okay. But it is important to understand that hobbies constitutes their first contact with the outside world – outside of their family environment and gives them the chance to develop a sense of freedom and individuality. 

#2 Let someone else do the talking

Most of the times, teenagers do not welcome advice from their parents easily, and that’s not because they don’t trust them. If you have repeatedly tried to discuss possible career routes with your child but haven’t been able to get anywhere, other people or professionals might be able to help him/her reach to a decision.

Do you know any people from your social circle who currently work in the career path your child is interested in? Or do you know a career adviser who can advise your child on available career choices and directions? If your child has the opportunity to listen to the facts from a third-party individual or a career professional he might take in the advice a lot easier and eventually realises what his/her next steps are going to be. 

#3 Psychometric tests can help

If everything else fails, there’s always psychometric testing. If your children have not yet decided which career might be best for them or have no idea of what they could focus on in the future, psychometric tests can actually help them construct an overview on their own strengths, interests and abilities. These can help them relate their interests and strengths with certain job characteristics including job requirements in terms of skills as well as become familiar with the nature of the job and work environment e.g. office work or flexible working and freelance.

All of these 3 tips will help you discover what your children really enjoy doing and what they would probably want to get into in the future, without risking intervening in their career decision making. Finally, it is important they realise that this is their decision to make, but at the same time you are there to guide and support them in every step they take.