Understanding the Objectives of an Employee Appraisal

Employers should know what an employee appraisal is, and more importantly, why they are essential to the overall productivity and employee morale in your office. Without regular feedback and performance reviews, employees will be left in the dark regarding their progress and areas that they need to improve on, and without knowing these things, it becomes impossible for employees to meet their targets and progress in their careers.

Objectives of performance reviews/employee appraisals

The principle of a performance review is to give employees detailed feedback regarding their work achievements, strengths, and weaknesses they need to improve on. An appraisal also gives both parties (employer and employee) the opportunity to air any issues or to discuss sensitive subjects such as bonuses, salary and promotions. Ideally, an appraisal should never surprise an employee; they should be given notice as to when the appraisal will take place and what will be discussed, thus giving them time to prepare.

When to conduct an employee appraisal?

Appraisals should be performed at least once per year; however, it is prudent to conduct appraisals as and when you see fit. This could be towards the middle of the year and at the end of the  year,  and you could also have them after large projects have been achieved or targets been met.

Ideally, the more appraisals you have, the better equipped your staff will be in terms of improving on areas of weakness and knowing how to achieve their targets in the most efficient and effective means possible.

How are performance reviews conducted?

  • Employees should be notified in advance of the meeting
  • There should be a clear outline of what will be covered in the review
  • Managers conducting the appraisal must be fully aware of the objective of the review
  •  Consultation with trade unions may be necessary
  • Notes should be drawn up regarding what the employee needs to improve on and strategies to assist them in developing their skills further
  • Establishment of reasonable targets and incentives to motivate employees to reach their goals
  • Keep the appraisal simple and straightforward. It should be no longer than 45 minutes in length.