Untranslatable Words You Should Know [Infographic]

untranslatable words infographic

As far as it concerns verbal communication, there are some things that simply cannot be expressed in a single word. Such linguistic limitations don’t allow you to accurately show what you are feeling and, as such, the message you are trying to transmit to others can easily be lost in translation.

That’s because there is a range of emotions that cannot be put in text nor described in the English language. In an attempt to fill in the missing gaps of their languages, though, people from all across the world have come up with their own made-up words that sound interesting and – to be honest – kind of funny.

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This infographic by Cheapflights provides a list of 26 such made-up words. So, familiarize yourself with them because – who knows? – you might find yourself in the middle of a conversation with a Frenchman talking about how retrouvailles he feels, and you will be part of the minority that knows exactly what it means!

Have you ever heard any of these words? Let me know in the comments section below!




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