4 Unusual Jobs You Can Get with a Nursing Degree

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The positions open to those who have a nursing degree are so wide and varied that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. But, too many nursing students are ill-informed about the possibilities that are open to them and end up in an oversaturated field with bad job prospects.

Going for an unusual nursing program is not only a wise decision when it comes to pay; it also allows you to choose a position that fits your personality and aptitudes better. In this article, we're going to show you four unusual jobs you can get with a nursing degree.

1. Holistic Nurse

Holistic and alternative medicine are always growing in popularity, which opens a whole new set of possibilities for nurse practitioners. Nurses who work with holistic medicine focus not only on the symptoms but also on the patient’s welfare as a whole. They might examine things such as emotions, mindset, relationship, even their environment to make an assessment of their overall health. Also, they will provide treatments that usually blend traditional medicine with alternative therapies. Nurses in this area will often work in a private practice; however, more and more public institutions employ holistic nurses these days.

2. Parish Nursing

If you consider yourself a spiritual person and would like to help your community, the job of a Parish nurse might be perfect or you. Parish nurses will be called to work in a faith-based community, may it be a church, temple, or any type of religious institution. But the goal of a Parish nurse is not only to bring physical healing and assist in cases of emergencies but to also offer spiritual support as well.

Also, Parish nurses will have to be well informed about the religious community they will be working with and their beliefs, since they will be in charge of working with people who have faith specific demands. While this position is most commonly found in the US and Canada and is principally limited to the Christian faith, there is an increasing number of Parish Nurse openings in various parts of the world and across all faiths. And the salaries for Parish Nurses are very competitive, with the average Parish Nurse earning around $65,470 per year.

3. Forensic Nursing

Although the role that a forensic nurse plays has been romanticised by shows like True Crime or CSI, the job is actually in many ways very similar to that of a regular nurse practitioner. The difference is that forensic nurses will be in charge of assessing whether certain conditions or injuries occurred because of a crime or natural causes. Forensic nurses work in close relation with law enforcement and may be called to testify in court. However, forensic nurses will often be called to perform more gruesome tasks such as examining remains for identification, so this is definitely something you need to be prepared for.

The job outlook for Forensic nurses is pretty good, with an expected growth of 26% within the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Family Nurse Practitioner

The job of a family nurse practitioner is to assist families and administer treatments tailor made specifically for their needs. Family nurses will be called to treat a variety of ailments and conditions across all age groups. Not only that, but they will be also asked to provide preventive treatments, perform regular check-ups and provide counselling across a patient’s whole lifespan.

Family nurse practitioners will usually be required to enrol in a family nurse practitioner program. However, if you already have a bachelor's degree in nursing science and are currently employed, you can always look at online nurse practitioner programs from accredited colleges such as Bradley University or attend a regular nursing school part time.

FNPs are also amongst the most well paid across all nursing fields. The average annual salary for an FNP is around the $97,000 per year, almost double the average salary for a regular NP, so that's definitely something to consider.

All in all, a job as a registered nurse implies much more than just providing basic treatments in a traditional health care facility. There are tonnes of great positions available to those interested in a career in nursing, and choosing the right field could make a huge difference in remuneration and job prospects.

Have you ever considered one of these more unusual options? Has this article changed your mind? Your thoughts and comments below please…