Upcoming profession: Company Coacher

It is increasingly common to hear that life must be based on the values ​​of sport: discipline, effort, dedication, friendship, etc., and it does increase the number of professionals seeking training in management techniques based on sports, in particular, coaching techniques.

With the current jobs market being so competitive, and opportunities so scarce, the secret to success lies in knowing your strengths and virtues. The coaching method has been gathering momentum in recent years and has become the best guarantor for a professional career. The proof is in the increase in the number of schools offering training in this area, and in the number of people who use this technique as a tool to redirect their status both professionally and personally.

According to experts, labor and financial crisis has caused a shift in mindset toward professional development and the possibilities of entrepreneurship, employability and improving the level of happiness. Because of this, coaching directs people towards achieving their goals in the most effective manner, using the resources they have. Coaching has become so popular because becomes a forceful strategy against unemployment.

Currently, and as mentioned, there are many training centers offering coaching. Some examples are:

  • European School of Coaching (EEC). Specialized in the training of leaders for the business.
  • Squad-beam-Go. Provides keys to meet the circumstances and achieve the objectives.
  • International School of Coaching. Provides guidelines to achieve full personal and professional development in different areas of life.

If you work as a coacher these will be some of your responsibilities:

  • Ask effective questions
  • Train skills such as attitude, self-esteemed, etc.
  • Questions to Promote Taking Action
  • Be a good listener

Do not think twice, this may be the opportunity you've been waiting to get going again.




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