How to Use a Smartphone to Find a Job

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“There’s an app for that!” has become part of our cultural lexicon. After Steve Jobs died, there was a cartoon of him standing before the pearly gates. As St. Peter flipped through a huge book of names, Jobs said, “There’s an app for that!”

When it comes to finding a job, there really is an app for that. A lot of them, in fact! Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can make your job search easier.

Finding opportunities

Jobs don’t stay open for long in this economy. If you’re away from your computer when your dream job is posted, there might be so many applicants ahead of you that your resume never even gets seen. With your smartphone, you can keep up with job opportunities no matter where you are. Here are some of the most popular job-listing apps (several of these not only let you apply and send your resume from within the app, they even use your phone’s GPS to find jobs that are close to you):


Up to 80 percent of jobs are never listed; they’re either filled internally or through connections. Social networking allows you to look up people you’d like to work for and see what connections you have in common. Then you can ask that person for a virtual introduction. Here are some apps that will let you keep up with networking on the go:

Responding quickly

You’ve been waiting at the dentist for an hour, passing time by searching through your job-finding apps. You finally find one that makes your heart thump, and you know you’re qualified. But you’ve got a few fillings to deal with before you can get home and apply. Resume apps like these make it easy to apply no matter where you are:

  • Resume Star
  • Once you’ve entered your search terms, does the searching for you while you go about your business. When a job that matches your interest is posted, notifies you immediately so that you can be one of the first to respond.

Staying organized

If you’ve been diligent on your job hunt, you can have so many resumes and applications out there that it’s hard to keep up with them all. There are a number of apps that can help you with that:

  • JobAware: Not only does JobAware let you search for jobs with some really neat filters, it also lets you track where you are in the process for each job: research, resume and cover letter, job interview, job offer, and hired. You can also fill out applications and send your resume straight from the application.
  • SamCard: This is a business card scanner that helps you keep up with your contacts. It eliminates the need to go digging through files, folder, and boxes trying to find that one card you need.


Once you’ve landed that interview, it’s time to practice so you’ll come across at your best.

  • Job Interview Question-Answer (iPhone and Android): This video app guides you through a mock interview, then lets you watch your recorded answers so you can judge your own performance. After that, you can watch an industry professional answer the same question so you can see how you measure up.
  • Interview Questions Pro: This app drills you with flash cards, just like you were studying for a test.

Sure, your smartphone can be a distraction, especially if you let yourself get caught up in texting your friends or playing a round of your favorite game. But it can also be one of the best tools you have in your job search. Give these apps a try now, and see how they can help you find opportunities, apply for jobs, and keep track of your progress.




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