How to Use AIDA Method for Formal Presentations

The purpose of a meeting is to show information that will broaden the business you work for. It is a way for current employers to gain more potential employees or market to the public.

The usual format of a business meeting is series of questions and answers delivered by the presenter. The presenter, depending on the type of meeting, may seek better results from the audience(s).

Most of the time devising a meeting in front of a panel it can be stressful, that is why it's good to have an aid to help you out if you get lost from what you're trying to sell.  During a formal presentation you should both strive to maintain your focus and eye contact at the same time.

Workplace Meetings Can Be:

  • Disciplinary
  • Part of a procedure, promotion or a selection for employment process
  • A tendering process

Formal Presentations:

  • Demonstrate specific information
  • Use Aids
  • Factual
  • Highly structured

Remember, you as the presenter will be assessed on your appearance, punctuality and body language. Stay confident and learn the research you studied. Communication is very important, especially nonverbal. Use all of your answering time, and be clear at what you're trying to state. You can do this by:

  • Warming up to settle nerves/stress
  • Staying close to the criteria with questions
  • Providing important answers to those questions
  • Not confusing the audience with unclear facts

If this doesn't help you could always use example sentences to prove your facts or statements, like:

  • The action I performed was...
  • The result was...

It's a commercial environment and information should remain in the Kick Kiss Kick structure - in other words be Negative, Positive and Negative; meaning, deliver good and bad facts that give details about the information, it should be concise and supporting to the organisation. Just like a persuasive pitch. Offer something to the audience in a new up-beat way.

Surprise and tempt them with your knowledge in three ways:

  1. GET

A great way to construct this to the audience is by using the AIDA method, which is an indirect approach to get your facts across in your point of view.

How to use AIDA:

I'll use an example on a presentation on being picked out by a publisher:


Use various communications to grab the viewers’ attention quickly. Use interesting facts, statistics, questions, quotes and humour.

For Example:

You could start by saying to the audience to grab their attention

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CV Writing Services

"Did you know that the odds of being picked out the slush pile are around 1 in 10,000?"


Have brilliant ideas to sell product or theme. Use facts, graphs and a logical argument.

For Example:

Going more in depth, drawing the audience into your topic using an engaging statement;

"Having the opportunities of being picked up by a publisher are rare, wouldn’t you want to seize them by their hand and place your book in them to reach to your readers?"


Be inclusive to the audience. How does it benefit you or them. Use emotions.

For Example:

Use an exciting voice, use the words 'you' and 'we' make them want the product or want to be in that business. It’s all about the promoting!

"Here's your chance! ... Publishing exterminates frustrated authors to happy ones by letting you know as soon as possible what our response is! We want you to go on loving writing."


Finally, Keep your presentation simple and relevant sources - where do the audience contact to if they need more research?

For Example:

Get the audience to where you want them, saying;

"For more information contact: www.(insert)"

As long as you uphold the message you're intending, you still need to be unambiguous and powerful in your approach. Always have your own messages prepared which shows you in a positive light, if the audience notice this, then they are most likely to take you seriously. Remain polite even if one of the panel members is rude or unprofessional. If you continue to be appropriate and ahead of the task then the formal presentation will be successful.

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