How to Use an Online Free CV Distribution Service and Why

Free CV distribution services enable you to submit your curriculum vitae online, at no cost. Depending on the field of work you’re interested in applying for; their job is to match your CV appropriately and send it out to various potential employers on your behalf.

You should strongly consider a CV distribution service as they are a quick and efficient way of reaching out to different organizations and firms and are becoming increasingly popular especially among graduates seeking employment. Aside from this, the following are  additional reasons why you should consider utilizing their services in your job search:

Time Saving and Cost Effective

As a job seeker, it is tiring having to constantly print and send copies of your CV to all the different companies and organizations you are interested in working for. Using an online CV distribution service means you only have to give one copy of your CV for a distributor to send to the different employers you’re interested in. Furthermore, you’re able to choose from a large database of prospective employers who your documents will be sent to.

Increases Your Odds of Getting Noticed

CV Distribution services have the contact details of various firms and companies, including those whose information you would not ordinarily have access to. Through them, your documents are likely to get the attention of hard-to-reach companies that you may be interested in working for. Furthermore, given the wide number of firms you can choose from using a CV Distribution provider, the likelihood of your application being picked is much higher.

Professional packaging

Your CV is the first document through which your potential employer gets a sense of who you are. It is important that it is properly formatted and looks presentable, so as not to undermine your professionalism. CV Distribution services use a resume builder service to ensure that your documents have no common mistakes such as typos or grammatical errors, and that they are presentable, before they reach the inbox of the company you’re applying to.

Beat the masses

The connections that CV Distribution Service companies have with various employers means that they are the first to know whenever any work placements are available. So you can be confident, if you use one, that your CV will be ahead of the masses.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you will not be able to customize your CV to fit specific or individual job requirements. The CV Distribution provider will use the single copy you send; so be careful to put information that properly relates to your general field of interest. Make sure you also carry out research on the profiles of various online CV distribution services to see which companies they are affiliated with before making a decision on which one to use.


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