How to Use EFactor - the World’s Largest Entrepreneurial Community


EFactor is the largest social network for entrepreneurs which means that its members benefit from tools, marketing resources, expertise as well as networking opportunities that will help them forge real, dependable and durable connections. This niche social platform boasts a mix of online social networking and in-person domestic and international events. Aspiring entrepreneurs can in turn take advantage of knowledge, funding opportunities and resources to cut down business costs through networking with the right people.

EFactor boasts an international presence in over 222 regions across 240 industries and has over one million members.

The EFactor network’s mission is to support you along every step of your entrepreneurial journey. The community consists of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and business experts who work together to solve problems and build great businesses.

Here is a practical guide on how to use EFactor effectively and make the most of it…

Sign up

The first step to embark onto the network is to sign up. You can join EFactor for free by simply setting up an account and registering your contact details along with your business needs and field of expertise. You can also become a member with your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

Connect Yourself

The next step after registering is to start networking. Obviously, your business will have a better chance thriving if you have the right people in your team. The network can help you identify the right mentor, co-founder or partner that can take your business to the next level. Check out the EFactor network to search for potential entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and filter your search according to the industry and geographical location of your interest.

Like any other social network, you can check out other member’s profile which includes a description of their work experience and expertise, a detailed career history, potential blog posts, contact details and so on.

You can introduce yourself or message another EFactor member and even offer or request help from them. Each member states his top needs (e.g. starting up or networking) on his profile, so that others know how to respond to each member’s needs.

Become Inspired

As a member of the entrepreneurial community, you have the opportunity to absorb valuable knowledge from seasoned entrepreneurs who share inspirational information about how to network your way into success. Watch a bunch of e-talks available on the platform, read numerous distinguished blog posts from key influencers, access a variety of resources and showcases that will change your perception about the world of business. On top of this, get to know every single detail about the latest events concerning personal and business development.

Find Support

The network is committed to providing you top resources and services and helps you increase your success factor as an entrepreneur.  The performance-driven network provides one on one mentoring with a Certified E-Mentor professional, assigned to match your specific business needs. You can access one or more certified mentors for different business concerns on a real-time basis. As a member of the network you can also benefit from a peer discussion forum which can help you learn from various research documents, case studies and news articles while receiving feedback from a community of peers.

In addition to this, there is an abundance of professional services and resources to help you develop your business and satisfy your entrepreneurial needs.

Obtaining expert knowledge is another great way to absorb knowledge from experienced professionals on key entrepreneurial matters such as how to expand your network, secure funding and so on.

Get Funded

Getting funded is another primary mission of EFactor. To get started with funding, fill in and submit your funding request. The network will then review your proposal and notify investor members who will then review your request and those interested will send a connection request to you. The next step is to review the request and approve it by connecting directly with the investor via the EFactor network.

On the whole, the EFactor network provides a value chain of resources and services, which inspire and support entrepreneurs to build a better business.