How to Use Humour at Work

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Humor can make you more likeable at work. If you know some good jokes, you should fire them out to your colleagues. Here’s how humor can help you out.

Having a sense of humour is essential to workplace success. Lots of studies have identified humour as one of the most important elements in creating a happy and productive work environment where employees are encouraged to give 100 percent. As previous research has shown using positive humour at work has many benefits attached to it. Not only does it give you a chance to relax and be yourself, but it also helps you avoid taking things too seriously. Most importantly, humor can bring a smile to someone’s face and often leads to laughter which is always an excellent way to reduce stress.

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In fact, humour is so important that a company named Humor at Work has made it their sole purpose to help other organisations improve their work environment so that they create a positive, healthy and inspiring workplace. Michael Kerr, president of Humor at Work, author of The Humor Advantage and internationally renowned business speaker strongly believes in the company’s mission and points out that the workplace is indeed in need of a good sense of humour. With the motto “work made fun gets done” Kerr is confident that humour can help businesses succeed and improve workplace productivity.

But just like humor can work for the benefit of business owners, on a more personal level it can help you succeed in your own work and career. So here’s how you use humour to be more efficient.

1. Make People Listen to You

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Using humour is a great way to get people interested in what you are saying. Whether you are delivering a presentation or simply trying to communicate company goals with the rest of the team, humour can easily get them hooked, and they are more likely to jump into the discussion.

In a recent study Let the Good Times Roll: Building a Fun Culture, David Stauffer said that with humour people will pay more attention to your memos, and show up when you call meetings. As such, the use of appropriate humour makes people want to read and hear what you have to say and helps you get the right message across.

2. Boost Your Productivity

Everybody knows that a fun workplace is a productive workplace but that is far as they go to back up their argument. A study that asked employees to evaluate the impact of humour on their performance showed that out of 2,500 participants, 81 percent believed that a fun working environment would make them more productive. This shows that in most cases employees find it difficult to motivate themselves to do work and as such need the incentive of humour – or an activity that will allow them to have more fun, to get into the right mood.

3. Improve Learning

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Humour can facilitate learning in many ways. Just like a teacher uses humour to get the attention of the students in class, great leaders can follow this approach to inspire other people and help make the learning process easier for them. Telling a joke or saying something funny will help your trainees remember the advice you have given them increasing their long-term memory intention.

4. Encourage Others to Like You

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Using humour is a great way to get to know other people and start a discussion with them, provided of course that your jokes are appropriate for the situation. Apart from using humour to get to know your colleagues better, it can also be put to good use to resolve conflicts within the team and improve the way you work with people in your team. If you are the leader of the group, it can also make you more persuasive and likeable amongst your peers. As research has found, appropriate use of humour will produce a favorable attitude towards the speaker, which can work in your favour.

Humour can go a long way to making you more productive at work and a stress-free, happier employee. If you haven’t tried using it at work yet, give it a go and let me know how it works for you in the comments section below…