How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Music

Instagram is a picture-based social network which musicians can use to attract more fans and build a stronger connection. Just like Twitter, people can follow you on Instagram, thus enabling them to see any new photos posted. So, what are the benefits of using this social network to promote your music?

  • Fans love photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. Fans don’t just want to read about you, but also want to see interesting images of things concerning you.
  • It can enhance the appearance of your photos: Instagram allows you to improve the appearance of your photos by adding effects.
  • It provides content to share: Building strong relationships with fans requires constant sharing of content. Posting photos on Instagram regularly gives you a chance of staying in touch with your fans.
  • It is easy: Setting up and managing an Instagram account is very easy. You can take a photo, apply effects and share it with others within minutes.

Here are some of the pictures your fans would find interesting:

  • Photos of performances: Whenever you have a live performance, be sure to post some action photos to your Instagram profile. This could motivate some of your fans to attend your next gig.
  • Photos with fans: Whenever fans take a photo with you using their cameras, ask them to tag you on Instagram and to share it with their friends. This can be a very effective strategy for attracting more views to your profile.
  • Photos of recording sessions: Fans would love to get a behind-the-scenes peek of the making of your music. When you post photos of recording sessions, remember to include a caption telling your fans what you are working on.
  • Pictures of your artwork: Fans would be interested to see photos of artwork, such as CD covers, before they are officially released.
  • Photos highlighting your personal life: Fans would want to get more familiar with the person with the music. You could therefore share some photos that give your fans an insight into your personal life. This could be shots of you on holiday, working out at the gym, having a meal with friends, or relaxing with your family. However, be sure to share such photos in moderation.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it comes with predesigned filter effects that allow you to enhance the appearance of your photos. This means that you don’t have to bore your fans with photos that look exactly the same. However, avoid the temptation of overusing effects. For example, if you are sharing several photos from the same gig, it would be advisable to use one effect for all of them. Having a consistent feel will assure your fans that they are looking at the same performance. However, if you are showing images from different performances, you could switch up the effects a little. Again, don’t go overboard with the effects. Adding too much color or contrast will only ruin your photos. If a picture looks good enough without effects, it would be advisable to leave it as it is.


Posting pictures is not enough; you need to interact with your followers. When fans tag you in photos, take time to leave a comment. Don’t forget to reply to comments where you are mentioned. When people see that you care about them, they are likely to remain loyal and share your photos even more.

Image: Mashable


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