How to Use Slideshare Analytics

How to Use Slideshare Analytics marketingdigest

Slideshare’s ability to complement content marketing has made it popular. In fact, marketers no longer solely use white papers and blogs to pass information to their customers. Marketers are using Slideshare to more and more to present  information to their audience. But, Slideshare is far more than a platform for uploading webinar slides. It is home to a social community of more than 60 million monthly guests. One of the best things about Slideshare is that it provides free analytics you can use to track the content you publish. The steps bellow will guide you on how to use Slideshare analytics.

Sign up For a Pro Account

The analytics dashboard is available for pro customers to provide them with useful statistics about their publications. Therefore, if your plan to use Slideshare analytics your first step is to sign up for a slide share Pro Account. It is a venture that will pay off.

Access Your Analytics

The pro account provides users with analytics dashboard. To access this dashboard, go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner. This menu has a number of icons such as account settings, analytics, support and logout. Select or click on the analytics icon from the drop-down menu, which will direct you to a summary of your analytics dashboard, showing how your content is performing.

Overview of Your Analytics

The first page of your analytics section shows the summary of your analytics. It has a snapshot of the performance of your content. The performance includes the number of views, and when and where the views originate. It also shows you the number of downloads, and when and where they were downloaded. You will also see embeds, shares and tweet statistics. You can view every individual item by clicking on the specific icons.

Get Specific Statistics

From the overview page, you can navigate and access specific analytics depending on what you intend to find out. Analytics provides you with the tools to find the sources of your views, and how people are finding your slides. Click on the source menu to access this information. The main sources of views are direct views and referrals. You can view every single source by clicking on their icons.

Distribution of Your Viewers

Slideshare Analytics also helps you find information on the geographical distribution of your viewers. Select the geography icon next to the sources icon to access viewer distribution information. Slideshare Analytics provides the information using the country IP of the viewers. It also provides interactive maps showing distribution of viewers using color intensity schemes.

View Activities of Your Viewers

You can check or keep track of the actions of your viewers using the action tab. The specific actions you may check includes likes, clicks, downloads, comments and shares through email. The actions tab also shows the specific slide that resulted in the click through action and the destination URL.

You may export the analytics to another website, share them through email or download them. It is possible to download or export specific analytics such as view, viewer actions, and viewer distributions among others. All of these factors combine to create a powerful weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.