How to Use SnapChat to Benefit Your Business

SnapChat is an instant messaging system designed to deliver messages quickly and without any hassle. For businesses, this means you have to keep any message short and sweet. Despite its position as an instant message system for home use, businesses can take advantage of it and connect with customers.

Here are a number of tips for making SnapChat benefit your business through improving customer satisfaction rates without any major investment in capital.

1. Make it Personal

Always make your SnapChat message personal. It’s designed for personal use for a reason. Don’t speak as the business or the brand. Let your spokesperson speak as themselves. They’re representing a business, but let customers put a name to the person speaking to them.

Try to relate to real concerns. Stay away from formal tones and marketing spiel, otherwise you’re just encouraging people to switch off.

2. Ask for Input

Give your customers a chance to use SnapChat to talk back to you. Encourage them to do this through the rest of your social media channels. Your customers are important and they want to feel like they’re valuable. One way to do this is by taking on board what they say.

After you’ve taken their input, reinforce your good work by implementing the suggestions that work. Hand them the credit and make it clear you listen to what your audience has to say.

3. Tell a Story

SnapChat comes with a ‘Stories’ feature where you can use lots of different clips to tell the story of your business. Studies have shown being able to tell a story in your marketing strategy will always connect with customers on a deeper level.

Use it to explain to people what you stand for and what you want to accomplish. This allows people to instantly make a decision as to whether you’re the right brand for them. Put down your flag and make yourself easily identifiable from the beginning.

4. Promote with SnapChat

SnapChat gives businesses a way of encouraging interaction and getting started with promotions. A common method of getting customers involved with the creative process is to tell them to take a snap of something and send it through. Feature the best snaps through other social media channels and offer rewards for customers who do this.

You want to make it clear there are ways customers can get more value from your company. When someone has their efforts recognised and featured, they feel more positive about working with the business.

It’s basic marketing at its best!

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

5. Behind the Scenes

With this platform you can launch exclusive events and promotions just for certain groups of users, or even just people who’re willing to connect with you on SnapChat. Secret events like this are methods of making people believe they’re special. And that’s why so many businesses use them. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or valuable. The gesture is what people are looking for.

Whenever you decide to offer an exclusive event or promotion through SnapChat, make sure you publicise it well in advance. You need to make it feel like it’s the private party only they are invited to.

Although SnapChat can do all this and more, you need to use it in conjunction with your other marketing platforms. Integrate them and let Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest work together with Pinterest. When you do this, your complete social media presence is that much stronger and offers a boost to your business.

Overall, it’s all about making customers think they matter and they as an individual are recognised for what they’ve done for your company by choosing you over your competitors.


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