How to Use StumbleUpon Effectively

stumble upon

How familiar are you with StumbleUpon? Do you know how to use it to its full potential to help your business develop? This article provides an overview of what StumbleUpon is and what can it do for you and your business. Check it out:

What is StumbleUpon

To start with, StumbleUpon is essentially the internet’s only discovery engine – that works in a form of a web search engine, which recommends interesting and useful web content to its users. With just a click, users can ‘stumble upon’ high-quality content related to their interests, hobbies and personal preferences. This service aims to make people’s lives easier by presenting them with various useful and informative websites which users might not have been able to find anywhere else.

When you start stumbling you can find pretty much everything from funny videos, gifs, quotes and amazing photography to educational posts, news and information related to popular businesses as well as industries you are interested in.

Why use StumbleUpon

As an excellent bookmarking service, StumbleUpon can help you organise your most important bookmarks and save those ones you are most interested in. It provides you with the option to like certain items or websites by hitting “I like it” and to write your own review of the website.

Most importantly, you can use Stumble Upon to drive your website traffic to a specific website or blog. When you select an item or webpage as a favourite then you are automatically sharing your opinion with the rest of StumbleUpon community which means they get to visit it too.

How to use StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon is very easy to use as it really simple in nature. As soon as you create your profile, you can select which categories interest you the most and then start stumbling. By hitting Stumble, the platform takes you to random sites which are quite likely to display content which you are interested in according to your preferences.

On StumbleUpon you can:

  • Share pages and content you find useful with other people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Create your favourite category lists and bookmark interesting content and pages for easy access.
  • Join discussions and express your opinion on StumbleUpon and share it with other people on the aforementioned social media channels.
  • Discover blogs related to your interests and learn what’s trending at different places all over the world.


The interesting part is that you never know where the next Stumble will take you, the fact which makes StumbleUpon so unique and different from other search engines!

Now if you want to promote your business with StumbleUpon you can set up your own Brand Channels once they are approved and feature content related to your brand. Also, you have the option to buy the StumbleUpon exposure feature which basically promotes your links to other members. All you have to do is choose the advertising plan you prefer and start increasing your site visitors. This is a great way to develop brand awareness and increase exposure of your business.



Another excellent reason to use StumbleUpon is to expand your target group by locating “stumblers” based on their interests. You can do this by browsing categories to check what people are mostly interested in and connecting with more StumbleUpon users.

With StumbleUpon you will never get bored! If want to be part of the StumbleUpon community why don’t you download StumbleUpon App that allows you to discover interesting and useful web content wherever you are? Start stumbling and enjoy the benefits of using StumbleUpon!