How to Use Technology to Spring Clean Your Professional Life

If your workplace looks more like a paper recycling bin than an actual desk you might want to read this article. Sure it’s easy to just grab a piece of paper and haphazardly jot down “meeting at 4”, but more often than not you lose that small piece of paper and sometimes you even forget who the meeting is with. So, how can you, a slack-jawed yokel with a serious technological deficiency revamp your organizational system? Of course you can! You just have to read this article.

This how to use technology to spring clean your professional life.  

1. Software vs. Hardware

You’re lucky, my unorganized scatterbrained friend, because there is a myriad of programs and apps that will take your messy notes and tidy up that chaotic desk. Another great benefit of these organizational apps is most of them are completely free, so you download them, fill them up with notes, reminders and to do lists, without paying a red cent. Evernote is probably the most widely used amongst productivity apps and it’s available on iOS,Android, Windows smart-devices (including wearables) and PCs, too. Its functionality is robust, too, boasting cross communication between devices, sharing amongst users, auto syncing, calendar, notes, to-do lists and reminders. A powerful tool that will definitely help you get your sh…umm, stuff together.

2. The Livescribe Pen

What is more intuitive than taking notes with a pen? Taking notes with a sausage, you say? Ehm sure, but still you have to admit that using a pen is a tantamount experience to using cured meats as writing implements. The problem with traditional writing tools is that we live in a digital world and they are pretty darn analogue. Well, worry not because Livescribe is here to solve the digital to analogue conundrum. What this nifty little device does is it makes your analogue chicken-scratch handwriting, digital! Pair it up with the powerful app available to record audio and pair it with your notes so you can explain to yourself what you meant by : “Look at the sky and gravy”. The app, of course, also recognizes dates, times and addresses helping you also organize your notes chronologically.

3. Pocket Printer

Even digitized handwritten notes can be messy, but having access to a printer isn’t always an option so, what do you do? Easy- you buy a Zutalabs Pocket Printer.  This amazing little device is basically a mini-robot with a printer head under it. It walks around on the paper printing your document as it moves. Okay, so maybe it’s not the most productivity boosting gadget out there but it gets a place on this list just for its cool factor…I mean, it’s a tiny robot that prints your documents!

4. USB Air Humidifier

Especially in the winter, office spaces become dry arid sneeze symphonies and as everyone knows, having healthy employees is crucial for productivity. Well, enter the USB Powered Bottled Water Air Humidifier. Although a mouthful this brilliant little gadget turns any water-bottle into an air humidifier. So, stay moist! Well, that sounded a bit weird…just use the stupid thing.

Do you know of any other gadgets or apps that can help with productivity? Let us know in the comments section below.