Use Tumblr to Promote Your Business – INFOGRAPHIC

Over the last few years, the average number of Tumblr users has increased dramatically. Currently there are up to 47,490 000 million users and 300 million monthly visitors on Tumblr. These stats make it an excellent online platform to promote your business!

So, how familiar are you with Tumblr? Essentially, Tumblr is a blogging platform that combines features of Facebook, Pinterest and Wordpress. This means that it provides users with the ability to create and retain an online blog like Wordpress, to follow, share and like other users’ content like Facebook, and manages images the same way Pinterest does. That’s 3 in 1!

Why promote your business with Tumblr?

While the majority of the already-established brands are not using the platform yet - 31 of the top 100 brands are currently on Tumblr. This could be your chance to promote your business and increase engagement with your target audience.

Here’s how you can do that:

#1 Focus on great images

On Tumblr, images are the most popular content to reblog. Browse and find the images that relate to your business and post them on your blog to create reference points for your business.  

#2 Focus on a very tight niche

Tumblr users are interested in very specific categories including events, hobbies, information they share with other people. Thus, you should choose which group is going to be your target audience. It might be helpful if you consider how your business can attract these users, or what you have to offer.

#3 Link to your main website

Similar to your other social media sites you should link your Tumblr with your main website so that people who are interested in your business can learn more about it through your official website.

#4 Link your images to your Tumblr page

Linking your images to your Tumblr page can give you a great advantage as it will generate more traffic on your profile.

#5 Follow other tumblrogs

Connect with other bloggers, share or like their content and they will return the favour. Having consistent support from the Tumblr community will definitely help to develop your business further.

#6 Add social sharing buttons

Add social sharing buttons to encourage activity on your Tumblr profile and overall online presence. Encourage people to share, like, or follow you on different social media platforms in order to increase your reach.

#7 Connect your instagram

Why not share your instagram posts to Tumblr? Connect your instagram to increase your business awareness and exposure.

#8 Use Hashtags

Using hashtags will help you promote your content - posts, images and videos further, increasing the chances of going viral on Tumblr and different social media platforms.  

#9 Respond to comments

Make contact with other Tumblr users by responding to comments and posting engaging content on your business blog.

#10 Comment on others’ posts

Check what other people are posting on their profiles and comment on their posts so that you become an active member within the Tumblr community.

Check this infographic from Quick Sprout to learn more about developing your business through Tumblr. 

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