How to Use Your Business Card to Expand Your Business


Despite being well and truly cemented in the ‘digital’ age, the traditional business card has not yet become extinct, and neither is it expected to any time soon. Experts believe that business cards are one of the most important elements to any business relationship as it is often the key to networking and thereby building more relationships. Through networking, advertising, and sheer creativity to engage influential people in your industry, you can use your business cards to expand your business quite quickly.


No matter how successful your business is doing, you should never stop networking to expand your network of clients, experts and potential employees. You should always be on the lookout for talented or valuable people to join your business in one way or another with the sole purpose of growing your company.

Business cards are a cost-effective method of networking. Why? Because you can quite literally hand them out on the move. By this, I mean if you happen to come across a useful contact on the Tube, you can hand out your business card, which contains all your most important information, to then enable the other person to contact you and continue the conversation at a later date.


Aside from networking, business cards are a great way to advertise your business but using the space on your business card for more than just your contact details. Be creative and inventive, and find the most effective way to advertise your product or services to the person taking your card. You can leave your business cards in shops, hotels, supermarkets, and even libraries. Essentially, you want to have your cards easily accessible to your target market and so selecting where you will leave your business cards is important.

Stand out and cause a stir

You need your name, your brand, product or services to be ‘talked about’ in the industry by relevant people. How will you expand your business? By positive word-of-mouth advertising and by standing out as a leader in the industry, you can effectively jump ahead of the competition and not only gain new clientele, but actually become considered a ‘leader’ in your area of expertise. This will subsequently enable you to expand your business both in terms of revenue and interest from prospective parties that can add significant value to your business.

When it comes to being creative, you need to go further than simply using creatively worded text on your business card. The card itself needs to stand out immediately. It needs to cause an impact. The cards below do just that for professionals operating in the yoga and fitness industry.

Creative cards

This is a standard business card in terms of shape and size, but the creativity behind this simple yet effective card is highly impressive. It is fun and shows off the business card owner’s personality and creativity.

Product Business Cards

You can go one step further and turn our business card into a product itself. This yoga mat is essentially a usable business card. Not only does it provide information about the company and contact person, but the product itself is likely to be used often. This means every time the mat is used the person will see Flow Yoga’s contact information.

Fun Business ’Cards’

If your current financial situation will not allow you to stretch to funding the above product business card idea, but you want to go one step up from the standard business card, you can always do a product on a smaller scale. This straw idea is effective, provides impact and will ensure the recipient talks about it to their friends and family (exactly what you need!). Be sure to use something relevant to your area of specialization; for example, the straw is effective because you can also promote healthy fruit drinks or cleansing juices as a yoga instructor.

These cards are just some examples of how you can use business cards or products to expand your business, grab the recipient’s attention and effectively get positive word-of-mouth advertising about your company. Business cards are not dying out by any means and so if you have your own business, it is important that you get cards printed for networking. One of the best online design and printing business card sites is Vistaprint, although there are many at competitive prices, so be sure to shop around.

All images via BoredPanda

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