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Could Wearable Devices Be Putting An End To Sickies?
WORKPLACE / MAY 27, 2015

I’m sure many of us either have ourselves, or know someone else that has pulled a sickie at some point in our careers.  Indeed, estimates suggest that around 1/3 of...
How Shift Work Affects Your Health
BREAK ROOM / MAY 26, 2015

The negative impact shift work has on the physical and mental health of employees is fairly well established, with previous studies suggesting that shift workers are up...
Gordon Gekko
WORKPLACE / MAY 25, 2015

The very notion of greed is typically seen as a very bad thing.  Indeed, it takes pride of place among the seven deadly sins.  In a corporate world, greed is typified by...
feel young
BREAK ROOM / MAY 25, 2015

Obtaining an engaged and motivated workforce is arguably as important now as it has ever been, largely because it’s a task that our employers have been failing more often...
Men Are Faking How Many Hours They Work
WORKPLACE / MAY 24, 2015

In our modern working life, there remains a strong ethos that our value comes not in the quality of the work that we do but in the number of hours we put in each week. It...
Being Out of Work Raises the Risk of Cancer
JOB SEARCH / MAY 22, 2015

It’s fairly well-established that being unemployed for any length of time has some serious implications for our mental wellbeing. For instance, I wrote earlier this year...
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