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Ivan Dimitrijevic


Ivan Dimitrijevic is the founder and CEO of MyCity Web, a seasoned blogger and digital marketing consultant with years of experience. He had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship, IT & Tech to Home, Health & Lifestyle.


Articles (27)

Dean Eye of the tiger
WORKPLACE / DEC 11, 2015

Working in an office doesn’t give you much opportunity to be a badass. In the office everyone spends most of their time working (allegedly), which means no one really...
dol;ph lundgren
BREAK ROOM / DEC 07, 2015

Recent TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory” have made geeks popular. The show changed the very meaning of being geeky and nerdy, and these terms are no longer reserved for...
signs movie tinfoil hats
BREAK ROOM / DEC 06, 2015

Conspiracy theories are as old as recorded history and we either hear about them on the Internet, or we have a friend or a family member that is always up to date with...
Jackass 3D movie

People complain about their job all the time, and for good reason. We all feel like captives of our daily routine, which is why there are countless “I hate work” internet...
Looking under the bed
BREAK ROOM / DEC 02, 2015

It’s really not that hard for an urban legend to be born – people retell stories, add a bit of their personal touch, and as the tale spreads like wildfire, the final...
BREAK ROOM / NOV 27, 2015

If you love cosplay and you feel lonely at work because no one else seems to have his or her heart set on cosplaying then we have good news for you. It’s not that there’s...
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