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Scarface movie still
BREAK ROOM / JUL 14, 2015

It seems like every decade, or maybe even less, a new drug is created to destroy the lives of its unsuspecting users. For many, it becomes a way to dull the pain, to...
Becks Beer
WEB & TECH / JUL 01, 2015

In the movies and in reality, people get away with it all of the time. Like the 1999 thriller, “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” when a restroom attendant, Tom Ripley...
3 Ways Your Smartphone Addiction is Destroying Your Friendships
WEB & TECH / JUN 27, 2015

In her article, “A six-step program for breaking your smartphone addiction,” The Washington Post reporter, Elizabeth Tenety explains how it feels when someone...
Starbucks and Chipotle Pay Employees Through College
WEB & TECH / JUN 23, 2015

For most fast-food restaurant employees, it’s those cheesy uniforms with the oversized shirts and pants or being forced to wear those stupid hats, that is the worst. Then...
5 Ways to 'Make a Dollar out of 15 cents' and Retire Wealthy

Yes, it’s true that money isn’t everything; and it doesn’t bring happiness. On the other hand, it sure makes life easier when it’s readily available in large sums— just...
sharing millennials
BREAK ROOM / JUN 08, 2015

Oh, Millennial, also known as Generation Y, you have been put under a microscope for your entire life! As a result, you have been loved, spoiled, hated, made fun of...
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