Using Videos to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Websites and social media platforms are a great tool for explaining your services and boosting your business success. However, if your site and social media page incorporate a video, then you will be even more likely to gain attention. How come? Simply because videos are engaging. Read on to find out just how successful videos are, why are they so successful, and how to boost your video marketing.

How successful are videos?

  • Every day 100 million internet users watch online videos
  • 75% of users visit a site after watching a marketing video
  • Business profiles with videos are twice as likely to get likes, with an 18% increase in received phone calls and a 24% increase in sales
  • 80% of video users remember a video after watching it online
  • A third of all internet activity is spent watching videos
  • Web pages with videos are 50% more likely to end up on the front page of Google

Why are videos successful?

  • Videos are most powerful tools when it comes to engaging customers. This is because they involve images, sounds, and text – and thus they engage more senses than a simple text does.
  • Videos are perfect for showing who you are. Customers can see your face, how you move and act, and this will help them to get connected to you. So videos build a relationship and rapport.
  • Web videos help you communicate to a mass audience and they can quickly go viral. They are more likely to be shared than any other marketing means.
  • By using videos, it is easier to reinforce your brand and communicate your message. They create a positive brand experience.
  • With videos, you can influence customers’ emotions. Emotions are contagious, and thus showing a happy face on the video will help your customers associate you with positive emotions.
  • You can also influence customers’ actions. People tend to mimic other people, and thus you can make them fill up a sign form by showing somebody on the video who does the same.
  • Videos are simple to follow. A user will be more likely to click on a video than to read a long piece of text.
  • If users watch the video first, they will be more likely to browse through the whole site.

How to make successful videos?

  • Plan before you shoot:
    • The biggest mistake you can make is to jump in without a plan. It is important to thoroughly elaborate on what the video will include and make sure that it fits your overall marketing strategy.
  • Determine your goal:
    • Both video style and distribution channel will be determined by what you want to accomplish with the video. You can choose among explainer videos, intro videos, and instructional videos, but all these will depend on your goal.
  • Determine who will watch  your video:
    • Return back to thinking about your target group. Who are they? What do they like? What are their concerns? This will help you design the video in a way that will be appealing to your audience.
  • Give viewers what they want:
    • Be aware that what the customers may want to see and what you think they may want to see are two different things. You must think like a customer, and they all want to know one thing, which is “what can you do for me today?”
  • Pay attention to quality:
    • Don’t produce your videos at home. Hire a professional who will think about the quality of sound and image. Consider using animations as these look great.
  • Use multiple distribution channels:
    • There are many options: YouTube, your website, email, Facebook page, affiliate marketers. Don’t stick to only one of them.
  • Chose the preview screen wisely:
    • This is important because it will be the first thing your viewers will see. Go through your video and find a snapshot that looks interesting and pleasing to the eye.
  • Track the viewing stats and analytics:
    • Once you post your video, don’t forget to track its success. Most video hosting sites provide analytics that will come in very handy.

Just think about it cleverly, and you will see just how much videos can boost your success. 


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