Utensil Pen Caps - Will Contemporary Offices Really Go For This?

I'm sure there have been many times when you have forgotten your favourtite pen or cutlery for your lunch at work; sometimes the mornings are so rushed that we forget the essentials! Well, it seems someone has realised a gap in the market and consequently procuded: Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils! It sounds much more complex that it is...its simply an average pen with untensil caps rather than the standard pen cap. You can choose between a fork, knife and a spoon to adapt on your pen.

With time and resources equally precious in modern workplaces, the utensil set comes with 3 ballpoint pens, each capped with either a fork, knife, or spoon that can be hand washed and reused. Therefore, saving you the trouble of buying disposable plastic cutleries, something which would not be environmentally friendly (unless you recycle them) plus it would cost you more money. 

It is a food-safe, handy, reusable and above all office-friendly tool that all employees should have!