Video Advertisements Arrive on Twitter to Herald a New Dawn for Social Media Advertising

Video advertisements have been made available on Twitter due to a series of newly launched video ads that will be available in Twitter feeds.

It marks the latest in a long line of improvements to Twitter’s commercial potential over the last few months. Ever since Twitter became a publicly traded company, there have been constant question marks over its ability to bring in significant amounts of income. It led to the introduction of promoted Tweets, so videos seem a logical next step.

Promoted Video Tool

The ‘Promoted Video’ tool has entered the beta stage. It’s the video advertising tool for Twitter. Businesses of all sizes will be able to use it to upload videos within their Tweets to help advertise themselves. Although it’s in beta, it’s largely expected to go live soon. Most of the tweaks have already been made.

David Regan, the Twitter TV and video senior product manager, said that video was so important because it could tell a story. He said Twitter welcomed the opportunity to give certain verified users.

How It Will Work

Twitter has confirmed video advertisement will appear directly in Twitter streams. Amid fears that advertisements would be forced on people, the micro-blogging site confirmed that the ad would not play unless it was clicked on. Furthermore, advertisers would only pay for videos that were clicked on, rather than videos that simply appeared in Twitter streams.

As of this writing, there are no limits on how long these videos can be. It’s widely expected to be longer than Instagram and Vine videos, however, so as to effectively leapfrog them in becoming the key video advertisement platform online.

Building on Foundations

Promoted Video is something that will build upon the Amplify platform Twitter launched last May. In this case, users are able to see video clips from partners of Twitter. These are accompanies by short advertisements. These were widely known as promoted Tweets, and continue to be known by the same name today.

Twitter wrote a blog to explain how they want Amplify to be used as a platform for promoted videos. According to the social media platform, they want it to be easier than ever before for brands to distribute their material across Twitter. They also alluded to bringing in a number of analytics tools to help users do just this.

 How Will They Fare?

Twitter has obviously made this decision in accordance with its decision to go public. What people have to remember is they’re competing with the likes of Facebook, which is still king in terms of advertising. The number of Twitter users continues to increase, so speculators predict that Twitter wants to capitalise on these increasing numbers.

According to the social media network, they don’t want advertising to become intrusive and turn users away. They want to strike the right balance between allowing businesses to reach users without annoying the general populace. If they get it right, there’s no reason why Twitter’s stock can’t continue to rise.

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