Villena Minister: 'I will Propose a Solution to the Problem of Essalud.'

The Labor Minister José Villena Petrosino said today before the Committee on Labor and Social Security of the Congress to be analyzed EsSalud situation as a whole, observing working conditions, biosecurity, infrastructure, procurement and distribution of drugs, and not only remunerative appearance, to thereby prioritize resources and improve the quality of health services, within a framework of financial sustainability.

In this regard, urged commissioners to wait on the actuarial calculation prepared by the ILO EsSalud so with that document can sit with the directors of Health and Social Security work together, sincerando numbers and thereby a solution comprehensive, considering all the time that the supreme goal of the citizen public servant.

On the strike declared illegal, the National Union of Social Security Health of Peru, which to date has prevented the realization of outpatient surgeries and selective attention affecting policyholders, Villena Minister said that as part of the agreements in collective bargaining EsSalud, with six unions in this institution, it was agreed to grant a special allocation of up to 15% monthly earnings for all workers as well as an extra bonus for labor peace concept amounting to S / . 2500, paid in May this year, which together account for S /. 130 million.


Regarding progress in promotion and employment generation with social inclusion, the minister Villena said that during the administration of President Humala the program 'works Peru' has generated 34,000 temporary jobs, mostly for women, youth and persons with disabilities, the program 'Youth to Work', meanwhile, trained 23,000 youth in technical skills, while 'Come Peru' trained 17,000 people in courses to improve their productivity. The preparation was provided free of charge to people in poverty and extreme poverty, with a total investment of S /. 244 million.

On the Protection of Labor Rights Partner stressed the creation of the National Health and Safety at Work, increasing the minimum living wage to S /. 750,00. She also said that this year there will be over 75 thousand shares of labor supervision and guidance, strengthening social dialogue through the National Council of Labour and Employment and the Regional Councils, and the commissions that were created are evaluating multisectoral the status of construction workers and fishing, to create a "Register of Construction Workers" and determine the labor rights of fishery workers.

For the rest of the government, Villena said to be implemented in all regions, Stop Shops Employment Promotion (to date have created nine) that congregate all services of the ministry, in the field of employment promotion and job training.

It also said that priority will be given to execute the National Strategy for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour with three drivers and approved the National Decent Work Plan, among other important actions.