Want to Defeat the Might of the Work Day Hangover? Read this.

It's Thursday evening, you have worked so hard this week you feel you should get some kind of award; and your colleagues are tempting you with the words that are balm to your exhausted brain: 'Come for a drink, just the one...'. Cut to Friday morning, and you awake with a raging thirst and a headache that makes you think you must be very close to death.  Realising with utter horror that you have to get up and go to work, you wonder how on earth you are going to get through the day. Stop panicking for five minutes and read the tips below: they're your ticket to having a great day instead of an awful one!

  1. Rehydrate

    No, I don't mean drink a glass of water. By all means get as much H2O into your system as possible; but for a hangover this serious you're going to need proper help. Buy a sachet that is designed for treating diarrhoea, you can get these in all pharmacies; and you'll be amazed at the results. These little gems are mixed with water to form a hydration assault on your hangover that will leave you feeling almost normal!

  2. Eat

    A fry up would be great, but you don't have time for that. Your hangover has probably rendered you incapable of getting out of bed until ten minutes before you have to leave, so you'll have to grab something on the way to work. Most cafes and takeaways sell flavoured porridge. As well as being tasty, it doesn't cost much; which will be a relief to you when you check your wallet to see how much you spent last night!

  3. Pre empt the mid morning slump

    So, you've got to work and managed to gain a reasonably clear head. By eleven o'clock, however, you start to feel really tired and your work slows down. This is the time to combine two of man's greatest inventions, caffeine and soluble vitamin and mineral tablets! Dissolve a tablet in water to make an orange drink that will restore you, then follow up with a strong cup of coffee. You'll be raring to go in no time!

  4. Smile

    Having a hangover doesn't mean the world is over. Make a conscious effort to be positive, smiley and sociable. Chatting to colleagues about who did what last night can be hugely entertaining, as long as you exercise a little discretion!

In an ideal world, no one would ever have a hangover, or at the very least, have to go to work in the wake of such crippling illness. However, living in reality makes it an inevitability at some stages in the working lives of many people. You can defeat the might of the work day hangover, just make sure you don't follow it up with a 'hair of the dog'!





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