Washington Navy Gunman Identified as ex Navy Reservist Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old former navy reservist has been identified as the person who opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington D.C. on Monday 16 September, killing 12 people and injuring 8 others.

The Gunman was a subcontractor for IT giant Hewlett-Packard and was working on a navy IT project when the incident took place.

Using his ID badge, he gained entry to the navy yard and opened fire before being shot dead by SWAT officers within the Navy premises.

What do we know about Aaron Alexis?

·         He was a U.S. Navy member for 4 years but in 2011 he was dismissed for misconduct.

·         Reports point out that this was not the first incidence Alexis was involved in a shooting related incident.

·         In 2004 he was arrested for shooting the tires of a construction worker’s car, an incident which Alexis called an anger-fueled ‘blackout’.

·         Alexis was also arrested for discharging a firearm against his upstairs neighbor’s apartment.

·         In 2004, Alexis’s father reported that be suffered from anger management issues, believed to be related with PTSD, post his rescue involvement with the 9/11 tragedy.

·         He graduated from boot camp at Great Lakes as an airman recruit. He then served as a civilian I.T. contractor at the military base in Washington D.C.

·         Alexis received two medals during his military service as an acknowledgment of his service during the War on Terror.

Is Post Traumatic Stress to blame?

Between his father’s testimonials regarding his son’s frame of mind and suspected PTSD disorder, and Alexis’s discharge from the U.S Navy on ground of misconduct, it is thought that these incidents may have led to Alexis’s eventual fatal rampage.


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